Worthwhile Days

The story so far:

I want to make the nights valuable either by making them shorter or by doing something more productive than sleeping within them,


My days are not, generally, spent in a worthwhile way.

To explain: I do very normal things in the world in the daytime like:

  • Eating,
  • Watching,
  • Walking,
  • Working,
  • Creating
  • and killing small flies.

None of these things is particularly enlightening or illuminating.

The only thing I do that is useful is meditating. I have no evidence of god working in my life but I have, in my better moments, something approaching grace, which means, to me, a state of great calm or peace. I’d like to have more of that. In fact, if all of my actions and thoughts could be suffused with grace then that would be a fine way to live. I’m trying. Sometimes succeeding.

If my nights could be spent in some form of grace then it would be worthwhile to become more aware of life during them.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

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37 thoughts on “Worthwhile Days

  1. Thank you, Robert, for including one of my posts among your research concerning God’s grace. I am honored. Here’s a quote about grace I found quite meaningful: “If you want to describe grace in one word, it is Jesus. Grace (Jesus) is the answer for our guilt and failure. Grace (Jesus) is the strength we need to cope with life. Grace (Jesus) is the promise that gives us the hope that keeps us going”–Barbara Johnson, Pack Up Your Gloomies in a Great Big Box.

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  2. To find the grace, and to use the nights, why not find deep pockets of grace within yourself for yourself and toward yourself? I find it’s a good refresher overall. Meditation is to still your mind, sleep is to still your body. I suggest stilling your soul.

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        • Do you think that perhaps you speak in tongues (or rattle off words from your subconscious in a stream (or whatever)) because you’re feverish from having had so very little sleep because, I hear, that it can make your mind go arse over tit (if you’ll excuse the vernacular)? Or do you perhaps think that you’re just made that way? By the way, are you educated? I mean, what do you do with your days?
          Yeah, I know. Pretend that I’m polite and that I’m just trying to do the best I can to make small talk until some big, important idea grabs me and I start to talk about that instead.

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          • Arse over tit is perfectly acceptable vernacular, especially on your very own page LOL
            I think I was just built this way. Built to prattle and rattle off random streams of subconscious goop.

            I don’t know if I would refer to myself as “educated.” When I think of being “educated,” I personally think of scholars and academics, or Doctorate level people. I am not that. I do have a college education, if that’s what you mean. And I spend my days working, and some of my nights too – I have three jobs currently. I work in one law office as a paralegal, I run the day-to-day operations for a second law firm, and finally, I work with children ages 3-21 with mental illness. The last one is also what I went to college/university for.
            You’re certainly not impolite! Well, maybe they consider you so in across the ocean, but here, you are most certainly not considered rude. What is rude? Asking what someone does for a living and if they have a solid education to back up said work? If that’s rude, then I’m an angry ape of a person!
            What do you do with your days?
            And what kind of big, important ideas do you mean? Now, I’m insatiably curious!

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            • That was not what I expected you did in the daytime. And don’t bother asking me what I did expect because I had you pretty much as a blank slate. πŸ˜ƒ But, yeah – worthy.
              Me? I’m a software developer and sometime media personality. Also, I like movies. There’s probably lots more to me than that but it’s bedtime and.. y!know.
              Big ideas? Hmm, ask me next week. πŸ€“

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            • If you had no expectation of what I did at all, then how can you say that you didn’t expect it as if you had some expectation of my reply?
              Worthy of what?
              Media personality, eh? Are you a YouTube sensation like Lawrence from Lost in the Pond?
              Of course there’s more to you than 1) Job, 2) other stuff, 3) I like movies. Everyone has all three of those. It’s the order in which they’re put together and the amounts of each ingredient that makes up the whole and makes humans different. Like a recipe for gumbo – the basic ingredients are the same, but if you switch around the amounts and order that you make them, the gumbo is completely different each time.
              That’s a cop out. Ask me next week. It’s almost next week, and that counts.
              Sleep well and sweet dreams

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            • Yeah, I know. I realised the logical implausibility of what I was saying as I was saying it, but it was late at night and I didn’t have to time or energy to come up with a better… thing.
              Nothing too posh on the media personality front. I just did a spell as a radio broadcaster, have a podcast and a few blogs. That and a few articles published here and there is it for now. When I publish my novels it’ll be a more substantial portfolio (I guess). 🀣

              I suppose we’ll get to know each other’s gumbo mixes organically. Next week (tomorrow) is time enough for that. Another cop out? So be it. 😊
              I had a really interesting dream last night, actually. Not sweet. Just interesting.

              Worthy? Dunno. Was just being glib.

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            • I hate the word “glib.” I used to like it, before the Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer nonsense. 24 hour news cycle, the word glib became an enemy of mine. H/M style.

              I can’t make gumbo lol I was reading a book that took place in NoLa (New Orleans), and that’s where Gumbo is huge-est.

              Tell me bout that dream, now I’m curious. if you can remember.

              Logic mazes are the best-est!

              Oh, OK. “My resume is nothing special, I’ve just done every single media medium.” If you were still awake, you could hear my lip-smack and sigh all the way in GB.

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            • I don’t got a TV do I don’t know nothing about the TC/ML thing. Before you think about explaining remember that there’s probably a good reason why I don’t have a TV. 🀣

              Gumbo is food? Seriously?!

              The dream is in my latest post. I’ll look at your’s if you look at mine. πŸ˜‰

              Logic mazes? Resume? Another day.

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            • I don’t have a tv either, but this happened a while ago when Tom Cruise was whining that what’s-her-name had anti-depressants rather than praying to his alien overl-rd. Broooke Shields.

              Yes, it is. A fairly famous food, actually.

              Hahaha fair enough. I’ll read yours.

              “I realised the logical implausibility of what I was saying as I was saying it”
              ^^ definition of a logic maze.

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            • Never fall into the trap of assuming that garrulousness is inherently illogical. One walks that treacherous path at their own peril. Also, those who have the most words tend to notice small things that are easily overlooked, like a well-placed pun. Thank you for that, you made me smile.

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            • How do you feel about people who ignore what you say and change the subject for no other reason than to count the beads on a mat?
              ( let’s see how her logical mind deals with that πŸ™‚ )


            • It’s called ADHD. They can count. Something shiny will attract their attention and the beads will lose their intrigue. After approximately 2 minutes, the distracted mind is ready to be distracted again, so you simply state something very simple – complicated directives or statements will be overwhelming. From there, you draw the attention back to the conversation by oscillating tone and volume keeping the mind engaged.

              You didn’t expect an actual answer lol

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            • I kinda did expect an answer and I’m very pleased with the one that you gave. I guess it’s the work with the kids that teaches you that stuff. The oscillating tone and volume thing – tell me more? Sounds interesting.

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            • Work with children, work with adults with autism, work with mental illness and drug addictions, and my father… and my own ADHD riddled brain.

              What more would you like to know? I will answer, I just don’t know if it was due to me failing to be clear, or just due to your curiosity; and that determines where the explanation would begin

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            • I’ve never heard anything about oscillating tone being useful for … Oh, wait, I just read your comment back. I imagined that “oscillating tone” was some kind of ullulation. Now I understand that you just meant that you vary the tone of your voice whilst speaking to, one would presume, make it interesting and soothing.

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            • No, no ullulation. It’s also not for the purpose of calming or soothing or interest. It’s a trick I’ve picked up over the work.

              Basically, someone is upset and they want to argue and scream. Drop your volume by just a bit below theirs. They will come down to your volume. Keep doing that until they’re speaking normally. Then drop yours farther. They stop being angry enough to strain to hear you. Never go toooo far though, they catch on and ratchet it back up. Just a very quiet conversation, not a screaming match or a whisper down the lane thing. Or if someone isn’t paying attention, you don’t start yelling or barking commands. You don’t even really need to raise your voice, unless they are across the room. You want to be loud enough to be heard, no more. You can say just about anything as long as you raise your tone at the end, as if it were a question. You could say “you need to pick up your toys” which is a statement and a request, but if you raise the tone at the end as if there was a question mark, the person who has been tuning you out the whole session suddenly goes, “what?” So you repeat it with the same tone and they ultimately comply while they’re trying to figure out what they should be answering.

              That’s what I mean. You are sliding your tone, pitch, and volume all over as if your voice is a musical instrument, which it is. It’s an extremely powerful instrument that can get what you want without you having to go to war for it a nd end up holding someone down because they tried to kill you

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