Exclusion Theory

I thought up a new theory of life today (as I was nearly falling asleep after a very satisfying lunch) and I’m calling it Exclusion Theory.

Some of my best ideas come in the shower, which is a pointless place to have great ideas. Shower thoughts are almost as useless as waking up in the middle of the night after having a great dream that I’m sure I’ll remember. Trouble is, I never (hardly ever) remember shower thoughts and great dreams (even though they are so very, very fantastic). Thinking up new theories of life as I’m falling asleep at the lunch table, however, is different. Some people stipulate ‘no phones at the table’. I don’t.

Yay for phones! 🐸

As an aside (totally not like me, right): someone needs to invent a way to record shower thoughts.

Anyway, on with my new theory.

Picture the scene (in my head): as I was falling asleep I was seeing paths before me as if I was having a vision (or a nascent dream). Some of the paths were blocked off (black) and some of them were clear (white). It was as if I was seeing a map of a maze laid out in front of me. Pulling myself back from sleep before I fell over the precipice (and started drooling on the tablecloth) I thought about what I’d just seen.

There are paths we can take and there are paths we can’t. Similarly, there are things we can do and there are things that we can’t. It’s the choices we take that make the difference. As we make choices we cut off possible paths we can walk. In other words, they go dark. The paths we can still make remain white/light.

That’s it really. Obviously I have some thinking to do in order to fill out this theory but the punchline is this:



19 thoughts on “Exclusion Theory

  1. “someone needs to invent a way to record shower thoughts.”
    Weirdly, they have.

    Sometimes, even if you’re careful, you choose the wrong path. It’s part of the grand plan. I dunno who’s responsible this grand plan, because it’s certainly not the person who just got cut off from the path they wanted to take. It’s kind of a shitty plan, but whatever. Who am I to judge?

    Actually, this post has inspired me. I think that while you slumber, I’m going to steal this for a story. Since you didn’t credit me on the stone story, I doubt you’ll mind if I steal this idea… yep, I’m sneaky like that lol

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    • We don’t got many Walmarts around here, but I’ll be sure to look up this fine product elsewhere. Maybe. Okay, probably not. The less opportunities to slip in the shower the better.

      I don’t believe in someone writing a grand plan for me. I kinda want to make my own grand plan. It’s easier that way.

      Have you written that story yet? I want to read it. 😃


      • I also did send you a link – you could probably ask walmart to send it to you, or have Amazon do it instead. I believe the recorder can be set to voice activated – which means it will only record if you start talking. Yes, to get to your idea, you would probably have to fast forward over that lengthy argument you had with your shampoo bottle, but it’s all good – the idea is safe.

        I believe we write our own grand plan as well. I just hate the idea that somehow I messed it up and now the road I want is blocked off. In that case, I didn’t do it – I’m innocent I tell you! The one armed man came and blocked it off, there’s probably a pot hole, probably being repaired by a bureaucracy, it’s probably going to take the next ten years and in the meantime I can never pass the digging and the road is closed.

        Yes, I did. I did a ping back so it should have come up in your notifications (not on the comments page). I’m sorry, I should have dropped you the link too. Here you go.

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        • Haha – the thought of someone knowing that I argue with shampoo I’m the shower. 😂

          Yeah, it’s a bit of a conundrum isn’t it. We want to be in charge until stuff goes wrong and then we look for someone to blame. Happens to me all the time. Whenever I hit my head on something, my first thought is always to look for someone with a stick. 😠

          I should stop replying to comments on the night. I’m always to tired to do anything about them (like flow links). Tomorrow, fuh sure.

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  2. Any Walmart or large general store has inexpensive plastic covers for phones in the shower. Can still push on/off and notes or talk into it. They have a neck rope or can be put on the side of a tub or shower. Us old guys use them to call for help if we fall in the shower. Mine cost about $8.

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  4. Yeah. “Guys: works at 85 for pretty much any one. I have a grand-“they.” It drives me crazy, because it’s incorrect English, but “they” do not want to be limited or seen as limited to either gender. My gay sons are gifts from God and I “get” my trans grand and have made the switch in pronouns, but the “they” still trips me up. I won’t live long enough to see it, but hopefully the day will come when gender just isn’t such an issue.

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    • That took me some time to work out, but I got there in the end. 😃
      I guess the sooner we figure out that people are just people (regardless of the hoohah about labels) and that we all need love, the better off we’ll be. Just my ten pence worth. 🤓😉

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