Endless Happiness

We should never tire of searching for new ways to be happy.

Apparently we become inured to experiencing happiness from any one particular source. Happiness from pizza rarely lasts beyond the 7th slice. Happiness from meditation is heightened if we employ a variety of techniques. Happiness with new people is better than happiness with people we already know (don’t tell the wife I said this).

Life should be, and hopefully is, an endless, and yet successful, search for new ways and means to be happy.

If you don’t agree and you’re happy not to agree then just ignore me. I’ll be off now.


2 thoughts on “Endless Happiness

    • (puts tongue in cheek and puts on Devil’s Advocate hat). Ah, but surely we need a little world war every now and again just to keep the population down. (doffs cap, smiles and walks on)


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