If I Drank I’d be Drunk

I don’t drink so I’m not drunk but if I did I would be right now. Instead I’m sat on the floor of the kitchen, which is not as uncomfortable as it sounds, having eaten salty food washed down with a lot of water.

I’ve had a moderately successful day in terms of work but don’t worry, I’m not the kind to bother folks such as yourselves with descriptions of SQL QLIK, VBA and a multitude of other acronymic technicalities.

But, still, yeah, here it is: the dog end of a day gone by and although I’ve (and it’s) been okay I really feel like wiping away the remnants of what’s been with something that aids forgetting and fosters jollity.



2 thoughts on “If I Drank I’d be Drunk

    • As in: What’s the name of a condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the eyes are closed, the postural muscles relaxed, the activity of the brain altered, and consciousness of the surroundings practically suspended?
      Or: What’s the name of the gummy secretion found in the corners of the eyes after waking up?
      Yep, I agree. Sleep is the best answer to those questions. 😃

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