A Few of my Favourite Things

One of the best things about life is that it’s full of opportunities to find enjoyment. I’m sure you can think of your own moments of pleasure, but here are a few of my own favourite things:

  • Having a good scratch. As a good friend of mine says: if it doesn’t itch, don’t scratch it, but if it does then dig in! Note of caution: hayfever sufferers need not apply.
  • Squishing jelly between the fingers. Don’t try to eat it afterwards, unless you know that your hands are really, really clean and you don’t mind cleaning your face afterwards.
  • Saying yes to a whole host of things that I don’t want to do whilst in the middle of doing something that I most assuredly do want to do. It doesn’t feel good until afterwards, though.
  • Folding towels (or t-shirts) after they’ve been washed into nice, nice, neat, squared-off piles that can be packed away into the proper places and spaces nice and neatly.
  • Getting something from between my teeth that’s been there all day because I didn’t have a dental harp with me because I stupidly forgot to take it with me (again).
  • Lying down at the end of the day knowing that I’ve done everything I could to make that day a good and productive day in which the world was set to rights.
  • Waking up in the morning knowing that I’ve got a new day to play with that I’ve never ever had the opportunity to experience in the whole history of forever (yet).

What’s that: seven? Well, I’ll stop there (even though I could go on forever) because seven is a nice number and I can hear madame creeping upstairs on the look out for love and cuddles.

P.S. – one of the above is not true. Can you guess which one?


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