I Will be Silly

You’ve been warned by the title and yet you’re still here reading for whAT? The silly side of me relies on rice on rye. The daft side of my nature says things like ‘you should increase the size of your font when you’re typing so that your brain can concentrate on the words on the screen more easily. The crazy humour I sit down to express rather than stand up on a stage does not get tomatoes thrown in my direction because they cannot find their way through the internet. And even if you did send me a picture of a small tomato in the comments it wouldn’t be the same because a picture of a pipe is not a pipe. You can’t smoke a picture (unless it’s printed on tobacco (or some other flammable material)).

Words are the same as images printed on paper. They can affect the mind but they cannot get inside a brain. What can get inside a brain? Anything that can pass through the brain membrane. Only small things can get through. Even blood gets filtered before it’s let in, which makes me wonder why blood clots, which you’d imagine to be pretty large, can get through. Okay, shelve that Robert; it sounds far too sensible to fit into a piece like this.


You ever notice how often I introduce irrelevancies into my posts? I would say quite often. Then again, I’ve not really been keeping track. Take, for instance, mats. You’d think, on seeing such a subtitle, that I’ve slipped into irrelevancy. But, hold up: have I really? I would say no (but then again I would (wouldn’t I)). I’m sitting at the dining room table (waiting for madame to finish her call and come down to dinner) and there are mats on the table (as you might expect). So … well, I think you get the message.


Those who read my works (pleasures) regularly will know already what I’m about to say. If you are a regular reader then you can skip to the next line now. I listen to music while I type. It doesn’t exactly distract me and it doesn’t exactly inspire me. It’s more a case of their being gaps in my attention to what I’m typing. Beats are brilliant for filling gaps in experience. Take discos for example. You might think that the people dancing at the disco are mindless in their pursuit of the beat, but that’s not exactly so. They are the opposite of me. They are seeking gaps in the beat to fill with words and experience. I remember … but I’m about to digress. Or not, as the case may be.

I have to say that I quite enjoy typing in a silly fashion like what I’m doing now. I like typing to no purpose. I think that it reveals a layer of myself that I wouldn’t normally acknowledge (or even be aware of). I mean, when I walk I’m very aware of the obsessional nature of the thinking I use at that time. I tend to repeat the same thought or song over and over again as I walk. I even bore myself sometimes (ooo, what a confession!) When I write I don’t bore myself. When I write I find a variety of things to say. When I write I (I think) use a part of my brain that I don’t use in ‘normal’ (whatever that means) life. I (access and) express, as I said, a different (perhaps deeper) layer of myself. I like doing that. But I’m repeating myself. And madame has arrived. Have a lovely evening, night, morning, afternoon, day, week, year and life. Bye for now. I bow.


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