Experience Peace

A deep muscle relaxation rub is nice for your muscles because they will relax and when muscles are relaxed then they are not complaining which means that they are quiet and relaxed.

A deep mind meditation session is nice for your mind because it will relax and when the mind is relaxed then it is not complaining which means that it is quiet and relaxed.

I was going to go on to describe how you could relax the whole ocean including a small, pink octopus sitting on a piece of space junk that had fallen into the water after an exhilarating descent through the atmosphere which had been prompted by a collision with a …

I was going to say an alien spaceship but aliens are so passé right now. At least, that’s how I imagine the current state of play. In actual fact, though, I have no idea how people in the Philippines or Philadelphia or even Piccadilly Station in London feel about aliens. They could be experiencing a mad renaissance of interest in them for all I know.

As an aside (mainly because the amain acourse is boring me) I sometimes get mad ideas like this: some of the people who get themselves committed to lunatic asylums (or whatever they’re called now) have done so because they want a break from the constant pressure of having to look after themselves in the absence of the necessary skills or knowledge.

And talking about madness (and stuff), I reckon that we should all slow down and smell the roses, which should be ample indication that I don’t really understand madness.

I also think that mad people are people too.

Obviously, I need to have a quiet word with myself. Than I think I’ll have a little lie down now.



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