How Not To Underthink

I have a challenge that I need to work through but I don’t want to express it in words that anyone will understand and so I’ll just talk in vague terms and hope that it’s enough for me. You understand this much, I’m sure.

There will be times in anyone’s life when they will be unwilling to change to accommodate someone else. It’s at those times that they will resist any pressure to be the person that the other wishes them to be.

One of the uncomfortable things about being in such a place is the overwhelming pressure to conform to societal norms. Close to this is desire to contravene such pressures. These two cannot live comfortably inside one mind.

The desire to talk and the desire not to talk just icing on the top of this kind of cake.

It’s best to stay on top of a hill if one wants to remain safe(r) from attack because then there are more things inside one’s field of vision: both helpful and unhelpful.

Take mosquitoes for example. If you position yourself on a white background then you can see them coming more easily than if you’re surrounded by dark objects.

They don’t want to suck your blood. They’re just doing what comes naturally.

Give them a decoy. Let them circle around your black flip flops all night if that makes them happy. Sit quietly and hope they don’t notice your flesh a few feet away. Take care, however, that you’re not being lulled into a false sense of security by that dark, circling form. Perhaps he is a decoy himself. Perhaps his mate is, as you watch, is sneaking up behind you right now.

The sooner you can get yourself out of situations like that, the better.


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