what do I REALLY want?

once all the little things on my list (read a chapter, learn a lesson, peel a yam, write a post) have been done, what do I want to do next?

i have some big goals (become enlightened, have superpowers) and some medium goals (be healthy, be happy, be liked, see stuff, know stuff) but after that, I’m at a bit of a loss.

there’s a whole list of things that I don’t want (mosquito bites, loss of control, purposelessness) so I guess I could define my wants by exclusion if I sat and thought about it for long enough.


how about this: I want a life of routine (a structure) with unexpected bouts of uncertainty (newness).

hey, wait a minute: that’s what I got already!

Well, in that case: life is good.


(yeah, I know I’m being trite (kinda))

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