Mouse in the House!

On computer. Spreadsheet or something. Hears rustling. Ignores at first then – wait! sounds like something in kitchen. Listens. There it is again!

Stands up and creeps towards kitchen doorway and listens, stock still. Nothing. Listens again. Silence.

Sounded like a mouse in the cupboard. Rustling in the cornflakes. Nesting behind the washing machine. No sound now. Sneaky little thing!

Goes back to computer. Spreadsheet again. Listening intently. There it is again! A faint, weird rustling. That’s funny: it moves when I move my hand!

Close down the lid to the laptop and looks behind the screen. Is the thing on the table? Inside a discarded crisp packet! Then I see it!!

The cord to my pointing device is caught in the pages of the half-open crossword book, riffling the pages when I move my hand.

It’s a mouse alright; but not the one I suspected. 🐭


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