The Latest End of Summer

The rain has arrived here.
I hear it pattering outside.
The window is closed now.
Summer has ended again.


When You Have Everything

When you have everything
Be careful how you cling.

When you have everythin
Take care it’s not just skin.

When you have everythi
Guard your identity.

When you have everyth
Be sure it’s not just froth.

When you have everyt
Examine it forthwith.

When you have every
Wake up from reverie.

When you have ever
It’s just not clever.

When you have eve
Prepare to grieve.

When you have ev
No engine rev.

When you have e
You’re almost free.

When you have
Feel the love.

I’m Taking a Guru

I’m taking a Guru,
And here’s the thing – it’s You.

Someone I like as a guru sounds comfortable and doable.
Someone I dislike as a guru sounds disturbing but workable.
Everyone as a guru sounds absolutely bizarre and yet wonderful!

So be true.
All you.