You may leave my nights.
But I never will.


Keeping Me To Yourself

Why am I a private thing?
Why do you keep me to yourself?
What’s so wrong with sharing me out?
Why don’t you ever tell them about me?
Can I ever be taken out of your cupboard?
Are you ever likely to be proud of me?
Why don’t you tell them about me?
Will you ever love me for me?

Because I know I’m worth it.
I know that I’m worth it.
I’m bright and clear.
You can drink me.
Breathe me.
Take me.
L me.

Poems from before Poetry was Invented

I just thought of a title for my first collection of poems. I wanted it to be a unique phrase that reflects the fact that I’ve never learned about how to put a poem together. In a sense, I’ve been writing poetry that predates the art form. The title of my choice is:

Poems from before Poetry was Invented

Wikipedia says “Poetry as an art form may predate literacy. The earliest poetry is believed to have been recited or sung, employed as a way of remembering oral history, genealogy, and law.” So the earliest poems were like pop songs. How good is that!

I Get You

I get the feelings and emotions behind your words.
I get the confusions and longings.
I get the way that you want to express something real about your life.
I get that you want to move forward but are held back.
I get the way you are held helpless by your own nature.
I get that you will get to where you want to be.
I get you because I feel that way too.

(inspired by Reema)

Don’t Cry

I walked in the meadow
Sun caressed my body
Like the oven set low.

I saw a stranger then
Walking towards me
Raising spores & fairies.

He beamed as he came
A bright smile of joy
The colour of noon sun.

I am a simple woman
My desires are very few
Needs met, said his eyes.

We lay in the meadow
He caressed my body
The oven became hot.

And that, sweet baby
Is how you came here
Rock a bye – don’t cry.