Fatboy Slim

Perhaps only Truly could get the reference in the title of this post. She has that kind of mind you see. But then again – it might be a stretch, even for her, so I’ve put a clue in the #tags. Because I’m kind like that.


What is a Blog For?

I need to figure out where I’m going with this blog business. I think that I might be losing my way. I don’t feel like I have a real purpose anymore.

Used to be that I just wanted to write stories and test those tales out with the public and see if they passed muster.

But I don’t write stories these days.

I wanted to build up a fan-base so that when I released my novels (to wild acclaim) I could announce them on my blog and people would beg, borrow or even (gasp) buy them so that they could benefit from the insights and entertainments contained therein.

But I can’t even get around to editing them.

Then I got caught up and I revelled in the backwards and forwards of banter between myself and the wonderful WordPress community.

And this is where I am. By and large that’s about all I do now.

Sure – chatting is fine. Yes – friends are wonderful. And if this is all I want, then … this is what I have. But … I don’t know. What about getting to be a better writer and getting my stories out there on the shelves of the bookshops of the world?

I need to think.

A Message To You (Yes, You)

Don’t be afraid to talk to me. I’m friendly and I don’t hardly bite at all. And if I do bite, I promise not to leave a mark.

If I were confronted by me, I probably would be shy about talking to me too. I am quite a mouthful. But I am also rather tasty too and not so difficult to swallow once you get used to me.

I sometimes talk to strangers in the street. Just last week there was a guy sat in the park with his wife. He was wearing a t-shirt that said Windermere on in and so, because I’d just been there a couple of weeks before, I started chatting to him.

It was an interesting conversation about swimming and walking. He had just taken part in the Great North Swim, which involves swimming in Lake Windermere and so it was interesting to hear his story.

After a few minutes, though, I could see a kind of strain on his face. Something about me (or about him) was making him uncomfortable. Shortly afterwards, I made my excuses and walked on.

Actually then, when I think about it – maybe you shouldn’t chat to me. Perhaps I’m just too much of a strangeness for you to handle. Possibly I’m not really a functional part of the human race.

Okay then, stay away from me.

*adds #tags, types and title, posts these words and then goes and makes a nice cup of tea*