Don’t You Love Me No More!

Just had a disturbing notification on this blog. I’ve just been informed that Your Online Pal is my 800th follower on this blog.

Yeah, yeah – I know that this should be good news, but the thing is – I got a similar notification yesterday, which told me that Vijay Prajapati was my 800th follower. A quick check tells me that Vijay is still following me, so that means that someone has unfollowed me!

Imagine that!!

Who was it? It can’t be any of you lot reading this because you’re still following me (as far as I know) so it must be … someone else.

Well, whoever it is – I’m distoibed. I’m outraged. What did I do to deserve that?! I’ve always tried to be good. I write interesting posts and … Oh, wait – was it the post about us all being aliens from the planet kskreelsh that did it!

Hmm …


A Lovely Day

My family name is Day and it often occurs to me that I should make more use of it in the marketing of … whatever I want to bring to the market. Here are a few phrases I could use:

  • It’s a Lovely Day
  • Have a nice Day
  • … erm, okay, forget that, I did this instead:


(got them all from BrainyQuote in case you’re wondering)

Thoughts & Dreams

Do you think that our thoughts are like dreams, only less visual? I’m thinking that perhaps dreams and thoughts amount to the same thing.

When we descend into a reverie, we are, metaphorically speaking, letting a stream of thoughts take us out to sea. If we were asleep then we have would see the sea visually and would call it a dream. But whilst awake the thoughts do not always turn into pictures.

But those thoughts are just as likely to be messages from our subconscious or attempts to process our experiences as any nightgown escapade.

Whichever way up, we, as writers, have an opportunity to chase down our thoughts and wrestle them onto paper. Forget waking in the darkness and blearily jotting down the fag end of a dream gone by – we can get as much value from the thoughts that pass through our minds every single minute of our waking day.

So, the next time something interesting crosses your mind – get out your notebooks and ride (or paddle, depending on which metaphor you want to use)!

Showing & Telling – a Simple Guide

Telling (summarising) just gives the bare facts with little or no illustration.

e.g. He pushed the earphones in and started to listen to music.

Showing (elaborating) dramatises the scene by giving detail of what the character is seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, thinking and feeling emotionally.

e.g. John bit his lip. He moved the ear buds slowly into place. As he inched his finger up to the play button he could feel his heart pounding. Then, at last, Selena’s voice filled his ears. Heaven!

You are a Writer

Worried about whether you are really a writer? Well fret no more – you are, indeed, a member of that illustrious breed. And here’s why.

You can call yourself a writer if you write. Even if it’s just a shopping list. A writer is someone who writes – period.

I think that the confusion as to whether one is a writer or not arises when adjectives come into play.

Some people are good writers, some are casual writers, some are prolific writers, some are professional writers, some are crap writers, some are hyperbolic writers and some are critical writers. At the end of the day, though – they are all writers.

So rest easy. Even if you have never written a word in your life (and that would be a massive stretch) all that it would take for you to become a writer right now is to click on Comment below this post and say hi.

Looking forward to chatting to you.

Things Not To Blog About

Here are a few things that I have found that it’s best not to blog about:

  • Meditation (because everyone has their own method and some people are quite precious about their way)
  • Sex (because despite it being a world obsession, WordPress people are pure and nice and hardly ever indulge)
  • Depression (because it brings me down when I talk about my darker side and people start to worry about me)
  • Politics (because the subject doesn’t interest me at all and so why should I talk about uninteresting things?)
  • Grooming (because … well, actually, I’m not sure why not, because I’ve never actually tried to write about it).