Death in York

I’m obviously not keen on all the death, but I’m impressed by how much information is packed into this little graph.

Aunty Beeb

Basically, we’ve been back to ‘normal’ in terms of death and dying in York for quite a while now.

And I’d quite like it to stay this way thank you very much.

That’s all.

Good News for You

Feeling older than I should feel today. I think that most of that is to do with all the pretty young things I come across here on WordPress. That said, there are plenty of wonderful older people here too. And they have good things to share. We all have good things to say.

In fact – all the good news I read on WordPress makes me think that I should stop listening to the BBC altogether. There’s so much bad news there! People dying left, right and centre – pah!

Where’s the news report that says ‘Seven Point Six Billion People Live Through Night – Queen Throws Party to Celebrate’?

Note to self: petition MP for PM to declare a national holiday for every day that more than 99.99999999% of the population survive.


And Now For Some Good News

I’ve just read a post called (July 24/17) “A Spontaneous Explanation/Thank You” 🙂 written by a dear friend, Truly. And it really struck a chord with me.

Before I tell you why, here’s a bit of background:

  • When I was a kid I used to listen to BBC Radio One (pop music (do you remember the jingle ‘two forty-seven Radio One – fun for the weekend’?)).
  • When I got older I listened to BBC Radio Two (pop from previous decades).
  • When I joined a weird sex cult I shrugged off contemporary music and listened to BBC Radio Three (classical).
  • When I came back to my senses I listened to BBC Radio Four (in depth news reports).
  • Now that I’ve reached a certain age I’ve reverted back to BBC Radio One (and yes – the little red sports car is on-order) and am blogging here on WordPress.

The point of going through all of that is to tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with Truly when she talks about the state of news reporting today.

When I used to listen to BBC Radio Four it was bad news and then more bad news, but on BBC Radio One, they concentrate on the light-hearted stuff (celebrity gossip and sport). Some would disagree, but I think that this is a positive change for me.

But it’s the things that Truly said about WordPress, and the positivity within this community, that really resonates with me. I love the feeling I get from interacting with the talented and beautiful bloggers here (yes – that means you). However I never considered the WordPress community to be a news system – but it totally is!

WordPress is the best place to get a picture of the positive things that are happening in people’s lives. The things shared here are no less important than the ‘headlines’ on the BBC. But the difference is – the events we read here are more life affirming that the things we hear about in mainstream news channels.

If there was ever a fool-proof prescription for feeling good, it would be getting involved in the WordPress community – giving your good news to the world and getting back the good news of other community members.

And where better to start than the richly layered (and pun-filled) blog that Truly lovingly puts together. Her heart is overflowing with love – long may it continue!