Change the Subject

Friends forever and yet departed from each other for life. Yesterday will never meet tomorrow and, well, I think you get the message. Change the subject.

Greg kissed her hand and held it for a beat longer than was proper. She blushed and was suddenly interested in her soup. A slurp and a slip. A drop was a drip. And I’m just playing with words now. Masturgate to come to an ending of sorts. Change the subject.

She making me think about death. Change the subject.

A mat is materially magnificent. Oh lord, more wordplay. I must be bored. My head must be Emory. Who is Emory? The memory of emptiness? The emptiness of memory? Change the subject please!

I’m watching you read this. I’m over your shoulder. No, not that one. The other one. I’m not on the outside. I’m inside you. Watching your thoughts flower and die, flicker and lie down. I’m you. Change the … Oh, wait; hold on. This is more interesting. What if I am you and you are me. Can we be interchangeable? Will we ever know if we are? Ach, Who cares. Change the subject.

If I exhaust my mind with this skipperty skip of thoughts then I will reach nirvana. Do I have an infinity of thought? Unlikely. Do you have an infinity of patience? No. Something’s got to give. Change the frickin’ subject.

Several people have pointed out to me that I am … I have nothing. There’s no commonality to the things that people say about me. No two opinions are alike. I am alone in uniqueness and perversity amongst my peers. I am hooked on my opinions about myself but you are not. You are unique. Yeah, it’s you that are unique, not me. Well in that case, change the subject.

Dinner time is coming up. Blogging is out and eating is in. No more subjects to change. Done.

And I’m not going to have time to proof it either.

The Beauty of Others

If you keep your own company then you just do what you want to do and never get the opportunity to do things that you don’t want to do. In other words: you just carry on being yourself and so you never change.

The beauty of other people is that they want different things to you. You must love others because they are your only hope for change.

Change is good.


Sure on Sand

Sure on SandI see the world as mutable.
Life built on shifting sand.

I’m fine with this actually;
It’s a comforting feeling.

There are hard places
And abrasive times
That I’m insulated from
By this belief in fluidity.

Switch by Chip & Dan Heath

I just finished reading a book called Switch by Chip & Dan Heath, and this is the summary page:

Actually, this post is just for me really – the examples won’t make much sense if you haven’t read the book. Still, it’s worth a read if you want to change yourself (or others) in any way.

Changing My Ways (Again)

I have found a new appetite for meditation and mindfulness. It’s really affecting the way I feel in a very positive way. A growing awareness of my thoughts, emotions and sensations has …

Oh, I can’t carry on writing like that. It makes me feel pompous and puffed up with self importance. Really, the only thing I’m changing is this:

  • A beep on my phone every hour that prompts me to meditate if I’m able to, or be more mindful if I can’t
  • More awareness of my thoughts and stuff as a result of the above
  • A sense of purpose in my life.

That’s it really. Nothing ground-breaking. I’ve been here before and seen all my new found resolution turn to dust. I’ll probably continue this for a while and then stop. And then, after a while, I’ll start again.

Not to say that I don’t feel good, because I do. Meditation and mindfulness are excellent ways to set aside stress and move into a happier frame of mind more easily.

I like to think that I’m ratcheting up the scale of ‘enlightenment’ and that each of these periods in my life inches me closer to being a better person. But let’s see. Time will tell.

Spice Up Your Life

Bored with your everyday routine? Want a little something extra to spice up your life? Try these simple to do exercises to bring some zip back into your existence:

  • Instead of washing your face and getting dressed in the bathroom, do it on a rollercoaster – then you’ll see how much fun the process can be!
  • Don’t open your eyes for the first half hour of getting out of bed. This will give you a different perspective on fun things like making toast.
  • Walk to the bus stop backwards. Surprisingly no-one will give you a second glance, but you’ll have such a good time.
  • Sit on the back of the top deck of the bus with the rowdy kids on their way to school. You’ll learn several new words to try out on your mother the next time you speak to her.
  • Dig out a piece of grass, with a good amount of earth, when you get off the bus, and take this into the office with you. Plant it in that chipped cup you never use.
  • Go knock on the boss’s office door and tell him (or her) that you want to start a ten minute long daily mindfulness class for the other employees, to put them in a good mood for work. Then Google ‘mindfulness’ to find out what it is.
  • Spend the rest of the day with a big smile on your face because you know that if you can break the mould for one day, you can do something new, different and exciting every single day of the rest of your life.

We really do get such a short time here on this beautiful planet, so make sure you make the most of it. Life’s too short to do the same thing every day. Make a positive change now. And remember – if it doesn’t feel like fun – don’t do it.

(inspired by Magarisa’s comment on


I used to want people to love me for who I am. I used to want them to take the good parts of me along with the bad bits of me, mash them together, and love all of me. I used to want to feel that I am fine the way I am and that I do not need to change myself. And I certainly didn’t want anyone else to try to convert me to their version of ideal.

I’ve just had a change of heart.

I’ve realised that I need to work on a few things before I’m in a position to make such an extravagant demand:

  • I need to love myself for who I am – grime, gristle and groan.
  • I need to appreciate and love other people for who they are – however they are (and yeah, that means you).
  • I need to understand that people are under absolutely no obligation to like me, much less love me!

So there you go – you don’t need to love me now. I am free from the expectation that you will like me, or any part of me. And – I love you guys!

Fly free and enjoy your life, for I accept you as you are.

Things To Change

Here are some things (according to an authoritative source) that I need to change, or work on, within myself:

  • Don’t badmouth others (friends and family in particular)
  • Take responsibility for your own feelings
  • Appreciate and acknowledge the things that other people do
  • Do things that need doing when they need doing
  • Smile more
  • Stop complaining.

The original heading of this piece was ‘Complaints About Robert’, but in view of the last item on the list, I changed it. It would have just been too ironic otherwise.