Is everything a ritual, like she says it is?

I take a snapshot of clouds reflected on water. Is this a ritual I have? Nature captured by a camera lens.

The sky itself beckons me. Not to fly but to take another (ritualistic?) photograph. So I do.

I ignore the passer-by. Anyway, he passed by without some much as a glance. More interested in his phone. So I looked at mine too. And then I thought these words. And then I typed them.

I know you. I have seen you before. You,l are who read my words. You then either incorporate them into your being, or forget them utterly. Either, both, or neither is good.

The sun peeks me through the bush. I will capture him too. Watch …

You see him? Sun of a bush that he is. Haha I say in my mind and I hope you get the joke. I want to be funny. I want to amuse and titillate. So laugh.

Dogs pass me by as I stand here tapping on this oblong (great word) shaped piece of glass, metal and plastic. They see me then they don’t see me. In retaliation, I don’t take their photographs.

It’s getting colder. How can I photograph that? I have access the evidence (goosebumps and shivers) but the actuality will elude my lens forever.

I want to make this into a song.

But it already is.

Job done.

Stop Your Nose Escaping

Here are some things I’ve found that stop me from suffering from a runny nose:

  • Rinse your nose out with warm salty water. Don’t use unsalted water because, contrary to what you’d expect, it stings!
  • Stop using tissue. The little fibres in it will just irritate your nostrils more. Use water.
  • Wax your nostrils. You can get kits to do this and it doesn’t hurt as much as you would think.
  • Clean the wax out of your ears. Everything connected inside your body: ears, nose, throat and other exits too. Keep them all clean.
  • Drink plenty of water.

But if none of this works and it all gets too much, take a paracetamol and get an early night.

external detail journal (part two of four)


That’s outside. Outside is going to be cold. I can tell from what the corridor outside the toilet is like. There is always not as warm as the other places in the building are. The cold seeps into a person’s bones if they are not careful. It stiffens them and makes them feel old even if they are young.

The best way to get rid of cold is not to bother with coats and snug corners of buildings; it’s to move the body more. It’s a proven fact that layers of clothing capture heat and that buildings do the same and this is why people spend their money on the latest miracle fabric or triple-glazed window or fluffy hats with pictures of goblins and other beasts on them.

But what they don’t sell you on the telly, in between movies and stuff, is the idea that you can get warm for absolutely free by getting up off your bum and moving yourself around a little more. All those layers need some heat to capture and they don’t have to get it from outside you, they can catch it as it tries to escape from you into the cold, cold spaces outside the window (that’s not double-glazed I’ll have you know).

And that’s about all I have to say about the cold.

But then there’s the dark.

Darkness holds hands with the cold. They are buddies. Just look at that photograph again and see how they cavort and play together out there. If they were to have a conversation it would go like this:

Cold: Hello my age-old friend.
Dark: What do you mean ‘hello’! We’ve never been apart for you to be able to say ‘hello’ to me.
Cold: You stupid old fart, of course we’ve been apart! Think of summer and darkness. Think of cold days. Think of the dark side of the moon, which is an album by a band called Pink Floyd and was hot stuff back in …
Dark: Think of how mad you are when you talk of things like this
Cold: Me? Mad?! How frickin’ dare you! There you are; nothing more than the absence of light and you tell me that I’m mad?!
Dark: You’re not very bright are you.
Cold: Hahahaha; look who’s talking!
Dark: I scorn the very words you say about me. No-one can look at me, you fool; I am darkness. If you want to look then you need light.
Cold: Actually, that’s a very good point. I have nothing to say in response to that.
Dark: Then shut up then.
Cold: I just did.
Dark: No you didn’t. If you had shut up you would not have said that you just did. You are a fool and a wastrel.
Cold: Wastrel. I like the sound of that!
Dark: If the cap fits etc. etc. etc.

You see? They are just like the finest of friends.

Well, seeing as I can’t remember the point of all of that, I’ll stop talking about it. But what to talk about instead? Let me examine the thoughts burbling through my mind and pick something from the flow before it goes beyond my reach. Okay, how about this:

My head hurts. I’m thirsty. My fingers are a little cold. There’s a beeping going on over at the other side of the room. My chair is comfortable enough to sit in all day. And I’m three minutes over the twenty minutes that I was supposed to type for.