The World’s Not Wallpaper

Commune with the world; interact with it. Don’t just treat it as if it is a backdrop to your life.

The world has a life and a spirit. Nature is talking to you in a language you can understand. Make a serious attempt to have a mutually respectful relationship.

Give something back to nature. It’s fine to look and love a little, but don’t just slurp up the beauty you see around you without realising that nature needs your help too. Give something back before it’s too late.

Don’t be afraid of doing something that’s too small to make a difference. Truly, everything, however small, makes a difference. Try making a simple change to your daily routine. Maybe smile more, meditate more, eat less, get out into the world or appreciate the sunshine on your face.

Support the world by being good every now and again. You’re one node of a network. Raise one part and you raise the whole.