When you’re not connected
You have very few words
In which to make your

The sky goes on and on until you get to outer space.
The world is round and you can come up behind yourself.
The oceans are pretty big too.
But you are small.

We can connect.
We can join together.
The whole is much greater
Than one alone.

The internet
Is not the only way
To connect.

Except for us.

Even for us.

Poo and Aliens

So now I’m reading The Life of Poo: Or why you should think twice about shaking hands (especially with men) by Adam Hart, which gives compelling reasons to wash your hands thoroughly at all times.

It’s also Alien season again. I just rewatched Prometheus in anticipation of the latest movie in the series – Alien: Covenant, due out in May 2017.

After a day like this, what kinds of thoughts do you think were going around my head as I brushed my teeth this evening?