How to Zigzag Well

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There aren’t that many verbs beginning with Z and so it’s not as if we’re spoilt for choice here. Zigzag was the best I could come up with and so that’s what you’re stuck with, so there.

Once, when I was walking through the fields I noticed the non-straight nature of the paths. It wasn’t a case of ‘here’s an origin and there’s a destination so let’s find the shortest route through the long grass to get there.’ No, it was more like ‘here’s this dog that’s pulling my attention hither and there as he makes his way from one interesting smell to another across this field so I’ll follow him.’ Consequently the paths across this field alternately zig one way and zag the other way until you reach the other side.

The best way to Zigzag well is therefore not to walk the highways and byways of the city planning folk, but instead to walk on the paths across fields that have been laid down by dogs.

Dogs are cool. Enough said.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of How to. Hope you’ll be able to Zigzag with ease in the future. Hope that it’s not too late to watch a movie before bedtime.

Read This

I just got barked at by a dog.

It was on a bridge and so I waited for it to get off, which it did – straight towards me. When it reached me, it touched its wet nose to the back of my hand and barked a couple of times. It was a young dog with a thin tail that was wagging slowly as it barked.

Now, I don’t know much about dogs. I mean, sure, we had dogs when I was a kid, but I’ve never brought one into our home since leaving my parents’ home.

So I can’t interpret what that dog was trying to tell me. It’s, like, it wasn’t trying to scare me (although someone less confident might have been scared I guess) and it didn’t feel like it was trying to make me do anything in particular. So perhaps, and this seems most likely, it was just saying hello.

So, on that note: woof, woof – hope you’re having a great day.