Breaking News

In an unprecedented move today, Robert puts away his phone and engages with the real world.

Yes, in breaking news this morning, Robert actually puts his communication device in his pocket and looks at the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds at the start of a glorious day.

Rumours that his battery is almost dead and he has to get a trot on to attend a(nother) Zoom call are just vile.

This is Robert in York (England) signing off for now.

I Made Something Up

What does Superstition-Fiction* Mean?

I went to a writing group the other day and someone started to talk about a term that they’d heard from someone else (I got the impression that they were involved in the publishing industry somehow) and that this kind of writing was set to be the next greatest thing!

I’ve never heard this term before and can’t even find anything on the internet about it. Anyway, the term is ‘superstition-fiction’ (inevitably shortened to Su-Fi) and it really got the room abuzz with speculation about what it could mean and what kind of stories could fit within it.

Some said it was just a fancy term for all the vampire/zombie/werewolf stories that already exist and others said that it was more about exploring the ‘fearscape of inner space’ (yeah I wrote that down) rather than the outer space that Sci-Fi sometimes involves.

So, anyone here know what this ‘superstition-fiction’ might be?

*made up term