Love has Many Faces – Gift of Love

A small gift of love gives you the experience of so much attainment. We’re always taking, taking, taking and it’s fine when there’s an unlimited ocean of stuff to take but here’s the thing – there isn’t. How about, every now and again, we give something back. Take love for example – we all want to be loved, right? Maybe we consider that the world owes us that much. But what if we don’t get it? What if we’re so needy that there just isn’t enough love in those around us to fill that hole inside our heart. If you find that you’re just not getting enough love – here’s a trick to try – just give a small gift of love. It doesn’t have to be much – a kind word, a cup of coffee or just a random smile without expecting anything to come back. Worth a try? Okay, here’s what I think will happen: whoever you give love to will automatically give love back to you. I mean, sure, they might be surprised at the change in you at first, but human nature then takes over. But hey, if you’re in any doubt about any of this then just ask yourself one simple question: what would God do?