Last Thing

Last thing at night, sending out love to the world with healing and sweetness and all kinds of good wishes.

Last thing at night, sending out luminous dreams and candy-coloured thoughts of generous hearts and sleepy minds.

Last thing at night, sending out true and comforting visions of rising to the top and touching the stars.

Last thing at night, sending out refreshing sleep in the knowledge that tomorrow will be a new and better day.

Goodnight and God bless.

Kitten sleeping.

What He Did Next

He went through her site and Liked every single one of her posts simply because he liked all of them. Her creativity and enquiring nature fascinated him and he wanted to know that he liked her, even if she thought he was disgusting. He then watched as she deleted all his comments.

He thought of what had gone wrong and decided that there were some things they would never understand and that there were other things they would never admit. It didn’t matter. Communication had ceased, so they were both freed from any necessity to explain or understand.

He went inside himself and contacted the deep well of silence at the foundation of his being and using this he went up to the truth of all existence and through these connections he gave light and peace into her life and heart. She would feel it and be benefitted on some level.

Then he went out and bought a big bar of chocolate – his only addiction. As he walked back to the office he wondered about her addictions and hoped that they were no more destructive than his.

And then he wrote this.