Bare əθ

Bare əθ isn’t bare. Look closely; their tracks are there. Absence signifies more than fullness. History has passed over this spot. Sack the dumps and you will find more. We who were here have laid bare the əθ. Bare of life, but not of its passing. We was here. We passed on. Onward we go.

Naivety Nativity

That feeling you get when you listen to songs from back in the day, like On The Good Ship Lollipop (Shirley Temple) or How Much Is That Doggie In The Window (Patti Page) and consider how ridiculously simple and childish they were.

Then you think of the songs that Shirley and Patti listened to from back in their day, which must have seemed equally as simplistic and childlike to them.

Then you continue to go back on time to cavemen thinking about the babyish songs from back in their day that were nothing more than someone banging two rocks together without so much as a box of pebbles to accompany them.

Doesn’t it just give you a wonderful sense of superiority as you sit and listen to the sophisticated sounds of Justin Beiber and/or Selena Gomez?

But then again, don’t you just feel so humbled when you think of the wonders to come in the musical world from artists as yet unborn. Who knows what kinds of instruments and vocal techniques they will employ to bring us their wonderfully mature and developed pieces!

And in an alternate dimension – Mozart anyone?