How To Feel Good #10093

Read a book.

When the net went down in the great blackout of 2032 we thought that was it for all online entertainment. Most everybody had put their books into digital form years ago but not me! I have almost nine thousand paper books in the attic and that was the year they came into their own. I picked out my copy of David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Ironically, the book talks about a time when online repositories have completely vanished so that gave me a shiver, but luckily, in our world, the loss was only temporary. Still, it was good to be able to leaf through that paper book. Lucky as well that I’m able to post this in 2017 – well in advance of the blackout. I’ll tell you about time travel some other time.

I feel obscurely better.

How To Feel Good #20443

Live Forever!

Got an appointment tomorrow – the 14th April 2045 for my personality to be uploaded into the … actually, you don’t have a word for it yet, but it’s like the energy substrate of matter. Basically what it means is that I’ll be literally at one with everything – like what the Buddhists used to talk about before they kinda withered away. The injection method is tech based, but once I’m there I won’t be dependant on anything at all. So if President Bieber does push the button and atomises the planet, I’ll still be okay. I’ll not be able to chat with you as often though – obviously!

I feel obscurely better.

How To Feel Good #8763

Dance yourself dizzy!

There’s not much good wriggle-your-butt music in 2029, mainly because Davinian Auks have filled the charts with their sharded interpretations of wild-birdsong to a back-beat (if you can call it that) of paper bags being popped in space. It’s all very subtle so I had to go back to 2017 to get a decent song to dance to. I chose Came Here For Love by Sigala and Ella Eyre and it was proper knocking on the ceiling stuff. Shaking your bum, bursts of wild laughter and being out of breath are the best things evah, shug!

I feel obscurely better.

How To Feel Good #5113

Treat yourself.

Listen, I know that this year, 2025, has been declared the Year of Nano-digestion and that the bots swimming in my guts and blood can latch onto the pill that I popped this morning and use it to supply all my nutritional needs for the entire day; but sometimes, just sometime, one needs a little extra! So I went to Marks & Spencer, and purchased, for a mere £770.63, the following items: a bottle of 100% fresh squeezed orange juice, a brie, tomato & basil baguette, a feta & tomato square and a goats cheese square. All but the baguette and half of the orange juice are gone!

I feel obscurely better.

How To Feel Good #13873

Become enlightened.

I’d like to end this series of self-reflective posts on how to feel good by thanking everyone who’s contributed to my well being – you know who you are, and you know that I love you. I’d also like to let y’all know that this year – 2036 has been absolutely brilliant and that it’s been well worth the effort we put into mindfulness and niceness. We just had a party, with a few close friends, to celebrate life, and it was banging! We hired a small venue – Wembley Stadium so that we could be together. Oh, and also – the world is safe – so don’t worry about nuffink.

I feel obscurely better.

How To Feel Good #03

Clean up someone else’s mess.

Curious one this. I went in the toilet and noticed (impossible not to) that someone had peed on the floor. Not just a few splashes, but a largish puddle. Obviously whoever it was had missed the bowl completely – don’t even ask! So I took a wodge of used paper towels from the bin and mopped it up. And yes, of course I washed my hands afterwards. Twice.

I feel obscurely better.

And Now For Some Good News

I’ve just read a post called (July 24/17) “A Spontaneous Explanation/Thank You” 🙂 written by a dear friend, Truly. And it really struck a chord with me.

Before I tell you why, here’s a bit of background:

  • When I was a kid I used to listen to BBC Radio One (pop music (do you remember the jingle ‘two forty-seven Radio One – fun for the weekend’?)).
  • When I got older I listened to BBC Radio Two (pop from previous decades).
  • When I joined a weird sex cult I shrugged off contemporary music and listened to BBC Radio Three (classical).
  • When I came back to my senses I listened to BBC Radio Four (in depth news reports).
  • Now that I’ve reached a certain age I’ve reverted back to BBC Radio One (and yes – the little red sports car is on-order) and am blogging here on WordPress.

The point of going through all of that is to tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with Truly when she talks about the state of news reporting today.

When I used to listen to BBC Radio Four it was bad news and then more bad news, but on BBC Radio One, they concentrate on the light-hearted stuff (celebrity gossip and sport). Some would disagree, but I think that this is a positive change for me.

But it’s the things that Truly said about WordPress, and the positivity within this community, that really resonates with me. I love the feeling I get from interacting with the talented and beautiful bloggers here (yes – that means you). However I never considered the WordPress community to be a news system – but it totally is!

WordPress is the best place to get a picture of the positive things that are happening in people’s lives. The things shared here are no less important than the ‘headlines’ on the BBC. But the difference is – the events we read here are more life affirming that the things we hear about in mainstream news channels.

If there was ever a fool-proof prescription for feeling good, it would be getting involved in the WordPress community – giving your good news to the world and getting back the good news of other community members.

And where better to start than the richly layered (and pun-filled) blog that Truly lovingly puts together. Her heart is overflowing with love – long may it continue!