How to Hurry Well

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Things that make you hurry:

  • A tiger running behind you
  • Deadlines jumping about in front of you
  • Personal Trainers running alongside you as you run
  • The voice of the neighbours in your ear saying that you’ll never amount to anything
  • The fear of God injected into your bones
  • A full bladder
  • Sugar in your bloodstream
  • Pins being poked into a voodoo doll
  • Several big guys flicking your ass with wet napkins
  • Being a horse with a bad-tempered cowboy wearing spurs on your back
  • Having injections of some undetectable drug in your system as you run for Olympic gold
  • Getting paid lots of money for a job that’s difficult but satisfying
  • Having only eleven minutes to write a post.

There – I finished with a minute to spare – yay!