What Happened Last Night

Milk’s got to be cold, right? Warm milk on cereal is not nice. It’s just not. So when I came to eat my breakfast this morning, I was disappointed to find that there were only a couple of mouthfuls of milk left in the carton on the fridge and I had omitted to move a new carton from the top of the cupboard into the fridge yesterday.

I guess it was with the excitement of going to the movies. I saw IT Chapter Two last night and it didn’t finish until minutes to midnight. And by that time, the buses had finished running and it was raining and I was half an hour away from home and it was cold and did I mention that I’d just watched a scary movie and it was dark and almost midnight. Eek!

I stopped driving a few years ago. Gave the car away to my dad. He uses it but I still own it and pay the insurance and road tax and all of the that. I also own a little red sports car that I’ve never driven. But hey, if I walk everywhere then it saves the planet just a little bit, right? It cuts down on the emissions etc. etc. I’m doing my bit, yes?

So I ran home last night. I tried to make it in twelve minutes, which would have got me home before twelve, but it took me thirteen minutes and so I arrived home at a minute after midnight. Pumpkin hour; but that minute wasn’t enough time for anything to catch me before I got in and locked the door behind me. I was in bed within minutes.

But in the process of getting to bed so quickly, I didn’t think ahead to the next morning. I didn’t put milk in the fridge to get cool for my morning cereal. Which is a bit of a downer in one sense, because I’m hungry. But it’s good in another sense because while the milk is cooling in the freezer, I get a chance to write this.

Hello; good morning. Today’s going to be a great day. Enjoy!