Reasons to be Cheerful – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

  1. WordPress allows me to express myself
  2. Cats and birds give me opportunities to say hello
  3. The sun, that is trying to come out, tells me of the benefits of persistence
  4. My eyes permit me to take in oodles of beauty
  5. Dogs show me the value of friendly greetings
  6. The road takes me where it knows I want to be
  7. Chewing gum keeps the lovely jaw muscles toned
  8. The number eight is.the perfect companion for seven and nine
  9. People are such fun to watch as they meander their way through life.

Oh boy – so much to love in this world of ours and it’s everywhere! Take three minutes out and make your quick list. Yep – now. 🐸