Love For No Reason

Love for the gate that rattles at night because a warm breeze has dried the wood and shrunk it down. Not love because the gate tells the night that man is here and the sound tells man that drier, warmer weather has come to this place. Not love for these reasons.

Love for the sun that shines in my face as I walk the path with squinted eyes, head held back and fingers tucked away. Not love because the sun sings of easing chill from the air, warming my face and drying these eyes. Not love for these reasons.

Love for the birds that coo in the morn to tell their tales of ache and yearn. Not love because we share this space with gentle beings that lull with songs and flutter and swoop to say that life goes on. Not love for these reasons.

Love for the buzz and slash of life. Love for the jagged edge we cut against. Love for the crash and rush of breaking. Not because they teach us all how to move and grow. Not love for any reason except to say that love is love; and love is always good. So just love me, love you and love always.


Oh but I am a silly ass. 😂 I did it like I was loaded on gin (not that I’ve ever tasted it). I told them that I cut my eyebrows especially for them. Then I turned my head sideways and told them that I was treating them to a fine view of my nose in profile. I even ran my fingers down it to show them what I meant; as if they didn’t know where my nose was!

Yep, this was me doing a public talk the day before yesterday – live and direct to the world on Zoom. What? Why didn’t I tell you? Well I did! I posted a notice last night! Here’s the link as proof.

A couple of weeks from now Tue talk will appear on Soundcloud so make a note in your diary. The link will be on the post that I’ve linked to in the last paragraph. I know, I know – it’s terribly hard to remember these things. So get your phone to do it. After all, that’s what it was built for.

Loves. ♥

I told them that I

Some Faces that Love Wears

When I was fifteen and then again when I was twenty-one I looked at a girl in a certain way and she said ‘what?’ and I said ‘nothing’. That was a face of love. My regret when I think about that is another face of love. These faces are not always smiling and and not always happy, but they are love.

Sometimes I allow those who love me to do crazy things like throw things from an upper story window so that they crash onto the rocks below and break into a thousand pieces that are so small that they slip into the spaces between dirt like the pieces of my broken heart. My face was hard and yet it wore love. A love that tears can’t wash away.

Several years ago I went to the park and hung upside down from a tree while my wife took photographs of me with a look of love on her face. That kind is easy to catch and easy to paint into pictures because it’s the one that people like and marvel over while they say ‘yes, that is love and I wish my love was as bright and cheerful as that’. This is just normal but what they don’t realise is that it’s not the most common face that love can wear.

No-one likes to say goodbye but some people have to. They have so much love inside them that the costume they wear can’t contain it all and so they leave it with the help of pills or blade or gas or water. Their face is wearing love but they can’t seem to reach it. Their heart is full of love but they can’t express it. Their longing is for love but they just don’t know how to make that connection and so they leave for other shores. I hope they find what they’re looking for there.

One of the sweetest things you can say to a person is not ‘I love you’ but ‘I accept you just the way you are with all your quirks and bumps that some people might call imperfections but I just call love of things that I just don’t understand yet but I’m willing to learn about.’ Just try saying that to someone in your life today. You can memorise it and say it as if it’s your own – I won’t mind. See how love takes off from your heart and flies to that of another and roosts there. Just watch.

Unbelievably, despite the magic that is in this world when we smile at the faces of love that are absolutely everywhere this realm doesn’t contain a fraction of the love you can find in other dimensions. Here’s a thing to try: say ‘I love you God.’ Let me know what happens.

Love has Many Faces – Settle Accounts

Love of the heart settles many karmic accounts. At the end of the day and at the end of many other things, we’re left with something that’s much like clay. And then that turns to dust. (And then something new grows in place of what was – but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) Love is a funny thing. It can leave too, but only if it’s the wrong kind of love. The wrong kind of love is a love of corpses. I know, I know – you’d never have a love like that – it wouldn’t make sense would it? I mean, why love something that’s going to crumble to dust, no matter how good a compost it makes! So, here’s the thing – God doesn’t turn to dust. God’s love never dies. And God is open to being loved anytime you please. You want my advice? Just love God with all your heart. End of the day – the good karma’s just too good to turn down, right? ❤️

Love has Many Faces – Remember with the Heart

Love enables you to experience all relationships with your heart. Those who are simply knowledgeable remember with their head, whereas those who are loving remember with their heart. That chappy in the picture here is Ganesh, who is the remover of obstacles. He’s also an elephant and, as we all remember, he never forgets. I’m not sure if he remembers with his heart or with his head but if it’s the latter then he needs to have a rethink. The heart is a really nice place to live life through. It is the home of love and happiness and all kinds of warm, nice things like that. The head, in contrast is just full of thoughts and memories and other dry stuff. Hey, Ganesh – take away all the obstacles that my oh-so-logical head saddles me with and leave me with a heart full of love – thanks.

Love has Many Faces – Moths to a Flame

Just as moths do not ask questions such as “Why?” or “What?” in their love for a flame, but simply sacrifice themselves, in the same way, souls who are loving to God remain merged in love. I think that says it all really, so no need to belabour the point. God is a big candle so be a moth and fly towards that flame rather that singe your wings on all the trivial little flames in this world. Makes sense, right? Oh, and yeah – you don’t really die in God’s flame – you just get transformed into something luminous. Just saying. I mean it’s an important point, right?

Love has Many Faces – Leakage

Is there attachment to any person or thing, that is, is there any leakage? This leakage will not allow you to experience the stage of being absorbed in love. See that frog? Cute ain’t he! But look closer. You see what he’s doing there? Yep, he’s sneaking away with your heart! While you were busy admiring his long green limbs and his cute smile he was admiring your stupidity. You took your eye off the metaphorical ball and he went home with it. And as long as you do things like that you can’t stay happy for long because all your love is leaking away. The only safe way to love is to fix your gaze on God because when you do that, all your leaks are automatically fixed by the steadiness and purity of Godly love. So leave the frogs alone and love God instead, okay?

Love has Many Faces – God Gives

Love God once and God gives multi-million-fold love in return. We’re so used to quid pro quo (a favour or advantage granted in return for something) and what you give is what you get in this world that it’s hard to believe that there’s a way to get a return on our investment that’s way, way, way over what we originally put in. When we take one small step towards God, here’s what happens: God runs towards us at top speed, covering a million steps in an instant and sweeps us off our feet and into arms filled with love and happiness and any other sweet thing you could imagine. We give a little love and we get so much more back in return. Go on, give it a try. You’ll just love the result.