Forgotten Slogans

I thought up a great slogan for a better, happier life yesterday. It went something like this:

Don’t something, something stuff because something, something, but despite something, something!

I remember being ever so taken by it. I saw it as being not only something that could turn around my own life but also the lives of millions, if not billions of others.

I wonder how many other life-changing slogans have been lost over the millennia since people grew brains and stopped hanging about in trees. I imagine that many revolutions have been spoiled because people omitted to record their brilliant ideas when they were clearest in their minds. I mean, you can’t write much down in the shower, but what’s to stop you from sneaking through the house with a towel wrapped around your nether parts so that you can get to your pad, electronic or otherwise? And when you wake up from that inspiring dream with awe in your eyes from the vision you’ve just had, don’t stop to rub your eyes and stretch, just write it down with your eyes closed! Change yourself and you might just have a shot at changing the world.

But until then, let’s raise a glass to the hope of a better world; one without forgotten slogans. Cheers!