If you (like me) have done just something energy-sapping (like eaten a big bar of chocolate) then this is for you (and me): recognise your reluctance and ride!

I didn’t want to wash the dishes after lunch, but I did them anyway and the bubbles made me (almost) giggle. I really don’t feel like getting back to work, but I will (straight after I’ve written this). I have a huge amount of resistance to … well, to be honest, finishing this sentence. But, as you see, I did it anyway. And I feel great after having done it!

So, yeah; I know it’s hard to do stuff when you don’t feel like doing it, but be assured (and reassured) that the reluctance doesn’t last the whole way through. Often you just need to start, and the momentum of the movement will take you through. At other times, you’ll feel like stopping before that crucial last act, but if you complete it, then you will feel good. I promise.

But, if all else fails, and you don’t manage to finish what you set out to do (or even start in the first place) then that’s okay too. I still love you, and you should t

Sugar Coma (Coming Out)

I know that I’m coming out of a sugar coma when I get all enthusiastic about changing my life and becoming more (I don’t know) communicative or loving or engaging or healthy or something like that. I feel like that now.

I was on holiday last week and I ate lots of sugar and was very creative. I wrote, like seventeen thousand words of a new zombie novel, put together a book on Wattpad and published it and… well, actually that was it really. Hmm. Perhaps I wasn’t so creative after all. Probably I was just driven and monomaniacal.

So, now, here I am back at home and back at work and back to a healthier diet and it shows in my… well, not exactly my mood, more like my level of motivation. So, yeah. Now would be a good time to make a new year revolution. But one that I didn’t intend to keep. Because I know that this mood / motivation won’t last. I’ll level off again and just be normal and boring and… erm… me.

How to Hurry Well

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Things that make you hurry:

  • A tiger running behind you
  • Deadlines jumping about in front of you
  • Personal Trainers running alongside you as you run
  • The voice of the neighbours in your ear saying that you’ll never amount to anything
  • The fear of God injected into your bones
  • A full bladder
  • Sugar in your bloodstream
  • Pins being poked into a voodoo doll
  • Several big guys flicking your ass with wet napkins
  • Being a horse with a bad-tempered cowboy wearing spurs on your back
  • Having injections of some undetectable drug in your system as you run for Olympic gold
  • Getting paid lots of money for a job that’s difficult but satisfying
  • Having only eleven minutes to write a post.

There – I finished with a minute to spare – yay!

How to Stay Motivated

I’ve just spent the past half an hour looking at articles on the internet about how to say motivated. The last one I read had 27 points, all of which are a waste of time.

The phrase ‘how to stay motivated’ is incomplete. The full text should read ‘how to stay motivated to do what you should be doing’.

Clearly what I should be doing is something other than reading about how to stay motivated. I have just wasted half an hour. If you are reading this, you too are wasting time.

What we should be doing right now is getting on with the task we need to accomplish. The only real way to do that is to just do it. So that’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to get on with what I’m meant to be doing. I suggest you do the same.

Clothes Make the Man

My torso is in pretty good shape. Push-ups and sit-ups and an attitude of moderation when it come to crisps and chocolate keep it so. Or so I thought.

I just realised that what I wear shapes my torso much more than diet and exercise. The thing is, I’m a Levis and a t-shirt kind of a guy. And, although I’m a natural medium, I tend to buy the t-shirt in small. I like the way the smaller size fits. I like the way that it … ahem … shows off the shape of my torso to good effect.

Thing is, if my weight goes above a certain level (around eleven and a half stone) my tummy sticks out. That is to say: it would, if I didn’t keep sucking it in. I don’t like walking around with a bulging belly (nor do I relish sucking it in all day long) and so, if I put on too much weight, I automatically adjust my diet and exercise routine, and I lose the flab.

So there you have it: clothes have made me the man I am today. To be more precise: my choice of t-shirt has determined the shape of my body.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll reveal to you why I always buy boxer-shorts in XXL. But until then, have a nice day.

Motivational Low

Does eating nuts help with motivation? I hope so because that’s what I’m trying. I should be editing my assignment. I can’t seem to make myself do it. So I’m typing this instead. And eating nuts. If it helps you to advise me – they’re salted cashew nuts.

Actually – I feel better, now I’ve got that off my chest.

Why I Write for You

I am a writer and I’m going to change your life, and here’s how.

When you read my writing you will feel so gripped by my prose that you’ll feel powerless to resist the urge to dance all night with my words.

Read on to learn how I plan to transform your sweet heart:

  1. I’m going to entertain the very socks off your feet. You’ll be so enthralled by my story that, ten minutes in, you’ll cancel all activities and appointments for the day, settle into your favourite cuddle-spot in the house, take off your socks and curl your mind around my words
  2. I’m going to take you to places you’ve never been before. Thrill as I hold your hand and lead you on a rollercoaster ride through the profound and heady depths of my mind. No-one who has been here has escaped unscathed. You will emerge as a better person – transformed, inspired, satiated
  3. I’m going to journey you into a land where you can become the best that you can be. Not a mere moth fluttering to the flame but a phoenix – roused, rising, to frolic in the far reaches of your joy.

And I’ll do all this because writing (and reading) is the key in the ignition of the vehicle that’ll take you from humdrum to far, far away; into your dreams and then way, way beyond.

You up for the ride?

Waiting For Life To Happen

I think I get the sense (and it’s a character flaw I know) that I’m waiting for life to happen to me.

I’m also waiting for the editing of my novels to happen to me, the putting together of my Writing Tips book to happen to me and for everything important, generally, to happen to me.

Boy do I need a kick up the pants to happen to me!