A Life in the Day (12-13)

Well, the headache can’t be anything to do with dehydration. Right now it’s: drink a cup, pee a cup, drink a cup, pee a cup. Not that I’m peeing into cups you understand. It’s just to say that it’s coming out of me as fast as it’s going in.

Apart from the drinking and the peeing, all I’ve done is typing for this hour. It’s five to one now. I’m going to stop for lunch then.

I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. Seems that all of life is commenting on what life is. That doesn’t leave any room for actually living a life. I wonder how famous diarists (yeah, I only know Pepys) managed to do so much in their day? Maybe they had servants to write their diaries for them. Or maybe they had servants to live their lives while they devoted themselves to writing about it.

Right, two minutes to one, that’s me caught up.



Sad or Funny

Given the choice between making people weep and enabling them to laugh (not that anyone has given me that choice (or even that ability)) I would rather make folks laugh. Sure, there’s a certain pride involved in being able to wring tears from the eyes of readers, but isn’t there enough sadness in the world already without me pissing more into the pot?

To Do List – 14 Sep 2017

Things I need to do but can’t seem to get around to:

  • Take home a plant that I’ve had in the office here for more than a decade. It’s a Peace Lily and it looks like it’s suffering badly now. It needs new soil, more sunlight and a gentler environment. Remind me to take it my arms, carry it home and give it some TLC.
  • Publish something. Anything! I need to bring something up to a standard that can be enjoyed by an audience of millions. I mean, I’ve written loads of stuff, but … I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s good enough. You know?
  • Stop reading so much. It’s getting to be like it’s just one book after another. I keep buying more and more books and so it feels now like I’m drowning in the obligation to read them. It’s not as if I’m discriminating in my tastes either. Some of the books I read just bore me, but I still finish them. Not sure what’s driving me. Fear of being unoccupied?
  • Go and pee. Yeah, that old cookie. I’ve been sat here for the last hour just bursting for a pee and … okay, that’s it – I’m gone.

1pm Friday

So these are my instructions for the hourly beep (the beep that sounds on my phone every hour to remind me to follow the instructions):

  1. Set next beep (set up the next hourly beep when the last one sounds so that I don’t have to set them all at once)
  2. Be aware of emotions for one minute (which is like a mindful awareness of the body wrapped up in a one minute meditation)
  3. Record what I did for the past hour (I originally set a limit of five minutes on this but practically it takes about ten)
  4. Resume working.

I made the mistake of setting up the outline of this post (header, tag, category) before I started the minute, with the result that instead of being aware of my body I was more aware of what I was going to write about it. You might think that these amount to the same thing, but they’re not. What I feel in the body is simple, one-word stuff. What I write is more about how I feel and what I think about those simple words. Still – we live and learn.

So, this is what I found in the body:

  • A real need to pee
  • A tremulousness about the jaw (probably due to the need to pee)
  • A tendency to overanalyse stuff when I don’t catch myself.

So here’s the over-analysis that I referred to. I was wondering how the urge to pee would feel if I woke up one day with all my memory (of what that feeling means) erased somehow. Would I be able to work out what the feeling signified? How soon would it be before the-muscle-that-holds-pee-back relaxed so that my bladder emptied? I mean, at the moment I have years and years of conditioning that holds that bladder closed through thick and thin – deep sleep, dreams of peeing and anything else that comes along. How much of that conditioning is under conscious control and how much is … autonomic (if that is the word)? Interesting, huh?

As far as work goes – I still haven’t discovered how to make an Excel save without asking me. I still haven’t figured that SQL/InfoPath thing out. But I have changed all the logos on the systems we control to the new one. All I did was opened them on the SharePoint server, modified them in MS Paint and saved them back. In this way, every page that pointed to the old logo now automatically points to the new one. Fascinating, right?

And now – I really do need to go for that pee!

My Evening T20170706

Definitely not picking my nose as I begin to type, but I gotta tell you that I really, really need a pee so this post might not be as long as you want it to be. Or, it might be just perfect for you if you are bursting for a pee too.

So, dinner. I made cookies!! Can you imagine that? Me! Making cookies like a good girl scout (yeah, I know – I’m not a girl, and the scouts prolly only sell the cookies – not make them)!

All it took to perform this culinary miracle was a bit of inspiration from Susan Shi over at Laurem Ipsus (I think the name is a play on the names of the two people who blog there – Lauren & Susan – but don’t hold me to that), and some bananas, oats and peanut butter.They came out pretty good actually, although I think I need to bake the next set longer at a lower heat because this set came out more like thin buns than cookies. But still – yay for me!

They came out pretty good actually, although I think I need to bake the next set longer at a lower heat because this set came out more like thin buns than cookies. But still – yay for me!

Actually, that’s not all I for dinner. The main course was peas paneer on rice – totally delish.

Some of the evening was, inevitably, spent reading. I’m still on the same book as yesterday, but I’ve almost finished it – what should I read tomorrow? It’s all very exciting.

And speaking of tomorrow – next up in my guitar book for tomorrow is Come As You Are by Nirvana – I cannot tell you how excited I am to know that I will be learning this song. Sneak preview – the main riff is played on the 6th string alone. Genius!

Today’s song was by Foo Fighters – one I had not heard before called This Is A Call. I mean, Foo Fighters are okay, but you can tell that they are missing the genius that was Kurt Cobain. Enough said.

I shared the link to my Soundcloud page with theveiledfacet so you might as well all have it. On it, there’s a blog post that I read out, a few songs I wrote and performed and one or two cringeworthy songs I sang without the benefit of instruments. Anyhoo – here you are if you’re interested: https://soundcloud.com/levishedated. Click on Tracks if you want to just hear my stuff. Enjoy. 🙂

And that’s about all my bladder can stand for me to write. Have a lovely evening if you have any of it left, and if not – sleep tight. And if it’s the morning I hope you have a beautiful day.

Smiles and out.

Oh, wait – one last thing. This blog has been viewed an amazing 360 times today (so far), which has smashed the previous best (on Jun 16th) of 244 views. Thanks to all you marvellous readers and bloggers who are supporting me on this journey – I love you all.