Sunshine Above the Clouds

Rain above UK.

It’s raining (it’s pouring) and there’s no-one on the pavements of York but me and my big, purple umbrella. ☔ Well, almost no-one.

I startled a man from his gloomy (judging from the dark clouds on his rain-soaked brow) reverie by wishing him a hearty ‘Good Morning!’ His surprised nod was reward enough. This is, after all, Yorkshire, where dour is the habitual watchword.

I bamboozled a middle-aged woman walking on the pavement by slipping by to her left, which she obviously regarded as her sovereign territory. There are many people living here on York who have spent almost their whole life walking and driving on the right-hand-side of their paths and roads and so it’s a struggle to adapt to the UK’s left-hand-side ethos. I offered her a consolatory smile but she fended it off by ducking her face under her brolly.

A young woman passing me on a corner in her hooded (and soaked) raincoat said ‘ooo’ with a surprised tone to her voice. I hadn’t touched her and so I was, in turn, surprised by her interjection. I would have said ‘Good Morning’ to her too, but her back, as she marched away from me, looked a bit too huffy for my cheeriness to have had any effect. Hey-ho.

Right, I’ve reached Sainsbury’s now (I was sent out for bread (not really)) and so I’ll bid you a moist adieu. Hope you’re safe and happy. Robert.

Life by Squares – E4

Sunday. Day of rest. I stalked the streets of York restlessly – that’s what I’m like. The weather was typically English – sunshine, snow and showers – all within the same hour. The soundtrack was more Jack Reacher. The are encompasses a river (the Foss), some of York’s walls, Bar (not the kind that sells alcohol) and several (three) supermarkets.

Here’s the plan:


And here’s a banana skin:


Don’t ask me why I took that shot on Carmelite Street. Perhaps Freud would have had something to say, had he been watching – but not I.

A flower caught my eye on Peasholme Green:


Now that I see it from up close, I can see that’s it’s not real. That’s to say – it is real, but only real cloth and plastic. Nevertheless, I don’t like to see pretty things abandoned like that. It shrivels up my tender heart. Hey-ho.

I did take a snap of another banana next – there were several of them rotting nicely as they littered the ground on Mansfield Street, but once you’ve seen one banana skin, you’ve pretty much seen them all. So instead we’ll move swiftly on to this:


Yep – it’s my old fall-back – a tree (or two). The river is the Foss. I’m guessing here that this is actually not a river but a ditch (fossa is latin for ditch, trench, furrow) that was dug as part of the city’s defences. Seems like a lot of work to me, but maybe you can Google it and let me know.

I went to Morrisons next (to see if I could get the brand of fake milk that I like) on Foss Islands Road and on the way in I saw some future earth:


What? Future earth! What on earth (haha) is that?! Well, it’s earth that hasn’t rotted enough yet to become what it’s going to be. In other words – it’s dead leaves and twigs.


Ooo, ooo, ooo – this is a nice shot. Just after I’d done looking at the earth, I looked to the skies just in time to see this fella:


Before the supermarket (the aforementioned Morrisons) was built, this was the site of a factory or a mill or something like that. I guess the chimney (or whatever it is) looked so pretty that they didn’t want to pull it down. In fact, it looked so nice that the city planners refused to give the supermarket permission to install their name on it in ten foot high glowing neon yellow letters. Imagine that!

The next moody looking shot was taken as I came out of Waitrose – again on Foss Islands Road:


I tried for ‘arty’ here, but it didn’t quite come off. See that lamp post on the left – well I positioned myself so that the sun was directly underneath the top of the post – so that it looked as if the sun was the lamp. Thing is, by the time I’d done dicking about with the framing, the blooming sun went in! Still – at least I managed to get the pole to stand up straight. The city walls are in the middle of that murky part on the right, as is Walmgate Bar.

Chances are that I succeeded in being ‘arty’ in the next shot. See if you can guess what this is. If you want to cheat and go and look for yourself, it’s on Rosemary Court (just off Navigation Street). Alternatively, you I’ll tell you the answer just after you look at the photo:


It’s a fencepost – as seen from above. There now, wasn’t that fun!

You would not believe how many shots I took of geese on Rosemary Place before I managed to take this one:


… and even then it managed to hide itself behind something!

I took the next photograph simply because I liked the way that the footprints on the pavement were shining in the light:


That was the view from Hungate Bridge.

And that was my walk.