A Life in the Day (12-13)

Well, the headache can’t be anything to do with dehydration. Right now it’s: drink a cup, pee a cup, drink a cup, pee a cup. Not that I’m peeing into cups you understand. It’s just to say that it’s coming out of me as fast as it’s going in.

Apart from the drinking and the peeing, all I’ve done is typing for this hour. It’s five to one now. I’m going to stop for lunch then.

I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. Seems that all of life is commenting on what life is. That doesn’t leave any room for actually living a life. I wonder how famous diarists (yeah, I only know Pepys) managed to do so much in their day? Maybe they had servants to write their diaries for them. Or maybe they had servants to live their lives while they devoted themselves to writing about it.

Right, two minutes to one, that’s me caught up.