I just watched this Ted Talk called Start With Why by Simon Sinek: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

This is what I got from it:

Start any communication with why you do things. Before you try to do anything, figure out why you’re going to do it and tell people about that first.

People will believe in what you believe in. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Talk about what you believe. You will attract people that believe the same thing. These are your early adopters. They want to be first. They will inspire the rest of the people; the majority.

E.g. – trying to sell TiVo:

  • “We have a machine that lets you pause live TV, rewind, record what you want when you want to.” = failure (if you start with the what they don’t believe you)
  • “Are you the kind of person who wants to control every aspect of your life? Then we have a product for you – it lets you pause live TV, rewind, record what you want when you want to.” = success (when you start with the why, then people who believe what you believe will be attracted)

If you tell people what you do, you will not inspire them but if you tell them why you do what you do then you will inspire them to follow you.

I suppose they have to believe the same thing as you first, though.

We Wee

S’funny how the mind works. I listened to a Ted Talk the other day called Happiness and its Surprises by Nancy Etcoff, which contained the following claim:

“… if you look at computerized text analysis of people who commit suicide, what you find there, and it’s quite interesting, is use of the first person singular — “I,” “me,” “my,” not “we” and “us” — and the letters are less hopeless than they are really alone. And being alone is very unnatural to the human. There is a profound need to belong.

And I thought to myself – my gosh – that’s me! Don’t put me on Suicide Watch anytime soon, but I do recognise that a lot of the things I say on this blog are about me and that even when I do talk about doing something with something with others, I generally use the word ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ to describe that activity.

The other thing I just realised is that lately, I’ve been talking about pee a lot. I’m not sure what the rest of the world is like, but here in England, a synonym for pee is wee. So there you go – even though my conscious mind is not aware of the lack of we in my writings – my subconscious is fully aware of my shortfalls and has adjusted according! Isn’t the mind amazing?

So, there you have it – I have turned a corner to a new leaf. But you’ll have to excuse me now – we plan to do something really exciting, like mow the lawn or vacuum the carpet (depending on the weather). Oh, but life is just packed so full of joy that we could squeak!

New WordPress Blog

Just had an idea for a WordPress blog – one that that is dedicated to good news. I’ll search for all the latest uplifting articles and posts on WordPress and the Ted Talks site etc. and re-blog them.

Should be an easy way to share positivity with the world, right?

Now, what shall I call it …

My Evening M20170710

Criminal Minds were on my mind for most of the evening. Two episodes. Luckily, they were quite engaging, because otherwise, I tend to fall asleep half way through and then wake up at the end wondering what it was all about. It’s usually about the same thing, though – so not to worry.

I had the sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted in my life whilst watching this show, courtesy of Marks & Sparks. The ‘Swedish Glace Soy Smooth Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream’ probably helped too. It was all so very, very yum!

What else, what else? Well, there was dinner – vegetable rice with a big, fat, hairy salad. That was nice. The veg rice is not always my favourite thing in the world – but it fills a gap – you know? Whilst eating, there is a crossword. This is going to save my brain from turning to mush in my old age. Yay for crosswords. Yah boo sucks for mushy brains.

Had a really good day at work, and so I feel like I deserve the rest I got this evening. Actually, when I think about it – I feel better from having done the good work than I did from having a lazy evening. Maybe I should take that into account tomorrow evening and paint the bathroom or something. Or perhaps I could get that light switch working in the toilet. Hmm – what a super idea!

Going to go to bed in a few minutes now, but I might see if I can sneak in a few minutes under the covers with a torch (aka the Flashlight app on my phone) and a good book. I’m reading The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan right now. I picked it up mainly on the strength of a Ted Talk by Amy in which she was rather funny. Her humour may have been a one-off for the talk because the book doesn’t really have the same feel.

Anyhoo – must go. I’m going to do the usual 10 minutes meditation before I get under the covers.