What you read and what you watch affect what and who you are. For whatever reason, I’m on dystopia right now. I’m watching a series on Amazon called Utopia, but don’t be fooled by the title – it’s as dark as they come. I’m also watching The Walking Dead: World Beyond; just the title alone should tell you what I’m in for there. And finally, I’m reading a book called Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds, which is about life on an Earth in her dying throes.

You know what? I feel absolutely terrible. These constant doses of doom, gloom and despair are dragging me down like you wouldn’t believe. But you know what? It’s fine.

Underlying all the darkness is a light. I’m okay because I know that what’s happening in my psyche is just temporary. When the movies are done and the last page is turned in the book I’ll just move on to something else. Maybe it’ll be the most sparkling light-hearted piece of fluff imaginable. Perhaps it’ll be a rom-com with the most smaltzy happy ending ever. Or possibly it’ll be one of the former and two of the latter – who knows!

And I’ll feel absolutely wonderful. Those constant doses of fluff, light and love will raise my spirits like you won’t believe! But you know what? That too will pass.

Underlying all the light is darkness. But that’s temporary too.

It does however make me wonder what’s underneath all these layers of dark and light and up and down. I wish I knew. Do you know? Pray tell.