Things the Swiss Alps Taught Me

Swiss Alps

Here are some things I learnt recently whilst walking in the Swiss Alps:

  • It is unprofitable to lead if you do not know the way.
  • The slowest walker sets the pace.
  • When you’re wrong, you’re wrong – even when you’re right.

And on a slightly different note – the tour guide, on the way up into the mountains, pointed to the left and said, “… and this will be the last thing you will see.” A few seconds later, he followed this up with, “… a great many people die here.”

I was left hoping that those two statements were not, in any way, connected!

Sun Going Down


As the sun goes down behind the pines I find myself wondering what I am doing here.

I realised this morning that I don’t really believe in holidays and yet, here I am, away from home, in Scotland.

I like cerebral pursuits, and yet I walked for mile after mile this afternoon only to reach a broken bridge. I had to turn back.

I go away to get away from where I was instead of going towards where I am going. And so, as the sun continues to set, I continue to consider what I am I doing here.