A Rush of Positivity to my Head

You know, all this talk of social media turning our brains into mush ignores ones simple fact: if you choose the right platform, social media can be enormously life-affirming. And WordPress is one such platform.

Is it just me, but when I turn on my phone and see all the lovely comments on WordPress I get such a buzz. The words you send my way are like an injection of adrenaline to my emotional centre – my mind uses them like a sweet dose of energy that makes me feel alive and often spins me off into the world grinning like a loon.

Because there’s such a culture of positivity in WordPress I feel that this is the kind if social media that everyone should subscribe to. It picks you up when you’re feeling down, turns you around when you’re heading awry and jumps up and down with you in sheer exuberance when you’re feeling good about yourself.

So, yeah – far from turning my brain into mush, WordPress is a wonderful, life-affirming addition to my life that enhances and lifts. So keep on posting, keep on smiling and keep on keeping on, my friends. WordPress for President!

Artificial Intelligence

There’s this thing that computers could do (or have) at some point in the future called Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short).

One day, this could be normal in the same way that cars are now normal (but weren’t when horse-drawn carriages were around).

Thing is, though, we already have AI. We have all those assistants on smartphones and smartspeakers that answer questions in an intelligent way. That kind of intelligence is artificial because it’s not real. It’s just the appearance or illusion of intelligence. It’s just make-belief.

What people generally mistake for (or mis-label as) AI is really Artificial Sentience. This is where the computer system is aware that it has an intellectual life that is separate from that of its creator (programmer). In other words it thinks (or knows) that it is independently alive.

Anyway, we don’t need it. All you computer programmers working to perfect this software-that-thinks-for-itself can stop now because it’s already here and it’s called WordPress.

Watch how I write something on this computer. Then watch how it replies with likes, comments and follows. It’s as if the whole system is sentient and is watching me. Sometimes you can even have intelligent conversation with this system. It’s that clever!

But don’t be fooled, my friend – it’s not real! No matter how sentient it seems, WordPress is just software. Beware of thinking otherwise.

Anyway, hope you’re having a great morning/afternoon/evening/night (delete as applicable), whatever you are.

Today I am Four!

Today, I’m four! A whole nearly-half-a-decade of blogging. And it’s all down to you that I stayed the course. I couldn’t have continued without your love, support and conversation.

So, yeah – thank you, all my wonderful readers. Here’s to another four years! *raises an imaginary glass of something suitable* Cheers! ‚ô•

Something Testy

Okay, so I’m going to put some innocent seeming text up here so that it fills the preview seen on the WordPress Reader and then I’m going to get down to the real meat of this post with you.

There, I think that’ll be enough.

So here’s the thing – I don’t know whether you’re reading me or not.

You see, I get some weird stuff happening on this blog. For example, people, total strangers usually, but not always, will come around and click the Like buttons on my most recent articles in quick succession and my phone will go beep, beep, beep – as fast as your eyes scanned across those beeps.

Thing is, the beeps happen too quick for people to have read those posts. No one could read that quick.

Now, perhaps they are reading them, absorbing them, enjoying them, reflecting on them one by one and then going back and Liking them – bam, bam, bam. Which is excellent.

Either way, it’s got me curious as to what’s happening.

So down to the nitty. What I’m going to ask you to do is going to seem weird, but it makes sense if you think about it: please don’t Like this post. Do this instead: click here to go to the next post and drop a Like on it.

Ideally, if you have integrity and are not just coming here, dropping some Likes and then dissappearing, in the hope that I will follow you back to your site, this post will end up with no Likes at all.

Alternatively, if I see that you Like this post I will have no alternative than to know you for what you are.

Unless you also put a comment to explain yourself of course. ūüėČ

Like This

This is the post that the other post shortcuts to so that you can like this one instead of that one. And yes, it’s a test. But not one designed to provoke an emotional response.

The Only Tip You’ll Ever Need to Increase Your WordPress Traffic

Follow this one, simple tip to increase traffic one-hundred fold (and more) on your WordPress blog:

  1. Visit 100 blogs per day for 7 days (use the WordPress Reader) and click on the Like button on the two most recent articles on each blog.

What will happen is that the suckers on those sites will see your posts, wonder who you are, follow you back to your site and drop Like after Like after Like on your most recent articles. They might even Comment on them and then Follow you if they dig what they read.

Of course, you’ll have to write some interesting and informative articles for this to happen, but that doesn’t take much doing, right?

And yes *sigh* I’m being cynical. What gave me away?

Reader Profiles – Pooja

Pooja’s a complicated kitty, and complicated kittens are kind of difficult to write about so I’m not even going to bother because actually, she does a better job all¬†by herself on her About Page on her WordPress Blog (don’t click on the About Me¬†page on her Gravatar (see link below) because it’s broken). From there you can discover:

  • What she looks like (although there’s a better picture on her Gravatar)
  • The things she blogs about
  • The places she has roots and branches in
  • Her favourite musicians, books, TV shows, movies and interests
  • The social media platforms she uses
  • Her contact details and
  • How insanely popular she is (642 likes and 386 comments and rising on this page alone).

This is a girl/woman who likes to put herself about. And I mean that in the best possible way. And I think that I just found out why: it’s her job! (possibly, maybe probably)

I started to¬†look on the links at the top of her blog page and came across one called Want to Collaborate with Life’s Fine Whine? (lifesfinewhine.com is her blog’s¬†URL and it’s a pun Pooja's Bannernot a misspelling) When I clicked on it I found out that she sells her considerable¬†talents for money! I’ll let you read for yourself what she can do for you but with over 8,000 (this needs updating considering what I say down below) followers,¬†it’s likely that¬†you’ve already met her.

When you get into her posts, her resemblance to a business mogul is even¬†more pronounced. The latest post (as of Oct 15 2019) is called How Much Money Can You Make Blogging In 2019 & How To Make More? I automatically clicked on the Like button, because who doesn’t want to know about that sh..tuff, right?

Couldn’t resist looking at the second post (Quotes About Mental Health) and I clicked the Like on that one too; there’s some sound advice there and also the opportunity to give money to the author using a variety of credit cards. With 159 Likes on this post, even if only 10% of them gave a single dollar, that’s (counts on fingers) almost sixteen dollars donated. Da*n, why don’t I start doing this?!

I’m always interested in the readership claims on people’s blogs. Pooja has a little banner on her right hand column that says Join 13,548 other followers. Impressive, right? But how many followers does she really have? *smiles sneakily*

To find out, I fired up my own WordPress site then clicked on Reader at the top. Then I typed ‘lifesfinewhine’ into the search bar, looked for her blog on the right of the screen, clicked on it and the blog opened¬†a list of her posts within the Reader. At the top right of that page is the number of followers that WordPress thinks she has, which in this case is 11,463.

I’m not sure why there’s a difference, but there generally is. Still, that’s a healthy following compared to my own¬†desultory¬†1,164. And no, I don’t mean that I think that you are desultory; I mean that my flow of followers in slow compared to Pooja’s.

And what I really mean is well done, gurl!

So, yeah, that’s Pooja: a multitalented, polyglottal, wide-ranging force of nature who is available for your reading and viewing pleasure right now!

Click, click, click!


Where do thoughts go when you stop thinking about them?

Where do people go when we stop listening to them?

Where do words go when no-one reads them?

Where does life go when living is over?

Where are all the faded flowers?

Where is my wasted love?

Where my words?