When you’re not connected
You have very few words
In which to make your

The sky goes on and on until you get to outer space.
The world is round and you can come up behind yourself.
The oceans are pretty big too.
But you are small.

We can connect.
We can join together.
The whole is much greater
Than one alone.

The internet
Is not the only way
To connect.

Except for us.

Even for us.

Life is for All

Tree branches.

Every little thing you see is a part of a bigger thing. It’s sometimes difficult for me to get my head around this. Difficult for me to remember that I’m just one small part of a big, big world.

We support each other. It’s impossible for one branch to float in the air by itself. It needs a tree (or at least a strong breeze) to be able to get up there and stay aloft.

I go for a walk in the morning. I follow a path that takes me to the river.

Sure, it’d be nice to be like Mr. Crow and take the direct route, but I can’t – the ground is what supports me.

It’d be swell to stay out here by the river all day, but I can’t – I have to start work in an hour or so (and besides – I get hungry).

It’d be neat to swim to the other side of the river and climb, dripping wet into a new country where my clothes become butterflies and my hair a magic cloak of gossamer and my wishes are a click of the fingers away from reality, but I can’t – life just not like that.

I live in this world, where I walk sedately along a path, return home when I say I will, and where I’m connected securely to what is.

Me and you and the path we walk to get to the places where we’re going, whether that’s the river, work or just the breakfast table, are all connected. Take away any one of us, and the rest of the whole is poorer for it.

Maybe you feel like you’re the branch at the top of a tree that just longs to break free and live, unsupported in the air, and maybe that could work for a short while. But never let go of the certainty that you are someone else’s trunk: their essential support in this world.

You and me and all of them are part of one world. Remember this: I love you until the end of time. And, even if you don’t realise it, you love me too.

So, – have a lovely day, my love.