York Happenings from 2nd Oct 2022

Music: If you hurry up you can catch The Melody Makers at a pub called Victoria Vaults on Nunnery Lane, York on the 2nd of October where entry is free, but you’ll have to be quick because they start playing their vocal-harmony-based sixties-pop at 1pm sharp. If, on the other hand, you want more time to gird your loins, wait until Thursday the 13th of Oct when Will Young will be at York Barbican as part of his 20th-anniversary tour, with tickets a snip at a shade under sixty quid and the fun starting at seven in the pm.

Shows: For the learned among us the York Theatre Royal is putting on a play called A Room of One’s Own, billed as ‘Virginia Woolf’s Ted Talk trip through the history of literature, creativity and sexual politics.’ Lots of good reviews for this show which runs on the 6th and 7th of October. For those of us what is a bit more down-to-earth, why not try ‘The Hard Boiled Egg’ at half past eight on the 8th of October. This absurd monologue play explores life, death, love, loss and how to cook a hard-boiled egg and comes courtesy of the DramaSoc at Vanbrugh College, York University.

Dancing: Want your entertainment a bit more lively? Get out and boogie then! Roll up at ten tonight and dance until three at the ABBA Freshers Disco taking place in Kuda on Clifford Street. But if you don’t dig the disco beat then this one’s for you: the Ripon Motor Boat Club are putting on a Dinner Dance on the 8th of October at the Crown Hotel in Boroughbridge, York YO51 9LB at 1900hrs. Do dress to impress, dahling!

That’s it for your highlights, but if you want more then check the web for shows by Leo Sayer, One Direction, Uriah Heep and China Crisis: all in York this week as well as ‘A Psychoanalytic Dialogue With The Music Of Bach’ – I kid you not!

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy yourself and keep safe.

Went Well

I went to start to be trained up at York Hospital Radio last night and it went really well. I was shown around the studio and library and then got a chance use the equipment that I will broadcast with, when the time comes. So I know now how to use a gramophone, a CD player, a TV, a radio and a microphone on a show.

It felt odd to be using such archaic tech. I mean, I haven’t played vinyl for 20 years since my deck broke, and although I have many hundreds of records in the attic, they are doing nothing but gathering dust. Similarly with the CDs. It’s all digital these days. Anyway, I don’t suppose I’ll be using this old gear in anger much. Hopefully there’s a computer somewhere with some songs loaded onto it.

Anyway, gotta go – the missus is here saying something or other. Laters.

Trained Up

I’m starting with York Hospital Radio (YHR) tonight. Well, not starting starting, more like getting trained up starting.

I’m really excited about it.

Whilst I’m enjoying my stint at 5 Towns Radio, their setup is not quite as, shall we say, structured as YHR promises to be.

Plus, I’m getting invaluable training in the art of Radio Presenting for virtually (there’s a £45 membership fee) free! What more could a boy possibly want?

Right, I’m off the read the terms and conditions of my indentureship before I sign on the proverbial. Did I mention that I’m really looking forward to this? 🐸