How to Get Wisdom

To say that you don’t get wisdom from reading great books or blogs, spending time with an amazing mentor, attending conferences with the best motivational speakers, going to university or night school, observing those who are the leaders in your field is like saying that you don’t get a balanced, nutritious, tasty meal by going shopping. Of course you do!

There is, however, one extra ingredient you need to add. Something that is equally essential whether you are preparing a meal or planning to be wise.

That ingredient? HEAT!

To turn those raw vegetables into something delicious, you need to cook them using some form of heat.

In the same way – situations in life will provide you with the testing ground in which to use the information and knowledge you have gained from study. In other words – when the world turns on the heat, and you apply your learning successfully – you gain wisdom!

So go out into the world and experience things, fall over and scrape your knees, take risks, make mistakes and live life to the full. In this way you will gain a solid grounding in what it means to be wise. The more you fall off that horse, dust yourself down and get back into that saddle, the wiser you will become.

So what are you waiting for – get out there and fall on your face, my friend. A better life awaits you!

(Partly adapted from the words of Better Life Coaching Blog)


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