Not as Famous as I Thought I was

Went (Came) into the library to type this. The library computers do not save a history. They are not like your computer at home that knows you (unless you’re that guy who clears his browser history when he shuts down) who you are and what you’ve searched for since forever. Thus I found out today that the internet has a strong suspicion that I am Robert Cray.

I have an equally strong suspicion that I am not and here’s the evidence: the evidence.

The reason I found out this weird (to me) predilection the internet has for not recognising me is that I absentmindedly typed ‘robertcday’ into the browser to find my WordPress site instead of the more useful And the rest you can probably work out.

And that’s all I have time for today. I have to head for home now because I said I’d be back at seven-thirty and it’s already … late! Bye!!


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