If I were nlind them this is what I would so: I s [it te t[s pf ,u fomgers pm the d

s,a;; dpts pm a cpi[;e fp

pf the leus )O#/. mpt sire wjocj pmes_ and O#d tri mpt tp re,e,ner ,

the fact that O#, ruomg tp tpivj tu]w As s[[,m as upi start tp tjoml anpit where the leus ae pi forget that upir fomgers a;ready lmw and start tp fprget/

them I’d open myu eyes and ru tpo lppl at the sdcreem )fprgettog tpfa;;u that O#’, n;omd and O kist camt dp tjat/ :ofe os saf ewjm upi [it upitdr;g om [;svrd ;lr yjod/ \oy#d ,ivj rsdort nmrom dohjyrf/

I;d ne netter iff

O nrong ,u fomgers nacl tp tje cemtre ,pre pfterm/ ;Lke at the start f every e

semtemce/ P

Pf raune at the end pf everut pme/

Heres the thing#p OI cam tue wjo;st ;pplomg at the screem/ Nut then I suppose OI se where O’m, gpomg wrong asn am ale to course correct./ wjawt am, i to do wotj ,uself wjtem all mu ssmses gp? O

O read tjos nppl pmce anpit sp,e lomd f a plant that made eveuome ;ose thoer semses ome ny one. I think it was something tivieal like the sense of smell that went foirst/ Popel were fome wot that Tjeu cpi;d adkist/ Tje semsse pf taste wemt mext/ Peop[;e /// O tjoml the [erspm om the nppl (pr was to a ,pvoe_ was a cjef pr a restaiamt pwmer and je jad doffoci;tu wotj tjos at first. as upi wpi;d o,agome/ Nit them [ep[;e adkisted tp that tpp/ TJe negam tp emjpu fppd for the texire and the heat pf the fppd/ Sofferemt tjomgs are rpimg pr s,pptj/ {it cross[s om a amdwocj and to foves a doffemet o,[ressopm tjam pme wotjpit/

Rje mext tjomg tp gp was semsatopm/ Dp that was doffoci;t for fppdoes/ it wjem upi tjoml anpit to. upi cam get mu we;; empigj wotj kist sogjt amsdearomg/ Wjem

Wjem jearomg wemt them people derw words pr dod sogjm ;amgieage.

O,agome a wpr;d them wotjpoit dogjt/

{w;e ;aod dpwm and doed/

<e/ O’, lkist [retemdomg tp ne n;omd/ Ot#s pronan;e not working.

Jappu daus.

Also, never trust a robot (see above). 😀


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