What I Think Others Think

Other people’s opinion of me is none of my business.

I refuse to live my life constrained by what I think others think of me.

I try to be a good person.
I try to be honest.
I try my best.
If that’s not good enough, then I’m sorry.

Aside from that, what others think of me is not my problem.


A Little Cold

I don’t want to touch you nor you to touch me. I want to keep a safe distance between us. It’s not for me; it’s more for your protection. You see, I don’t want to hurt you. I’d rather you don’t become like me. I’d rather not give you what I have. A cold.

The Beauty of Others

If you keep your own company then you just do what you want to do and never get the opportunity to do things that you don’t want to do. In other words: you just carry on being yourself and so you never change.

The beauty of other people is that they want different things to you. You must love others because they are your only hope for change.

Change is good.


Reader Profiles – Pooja

Pooja’s a complicated kitty, and complicated kittens are kind of difficult to write about so I’m not even going to bother because actually, she does a better job all by herself on her About Page on her WordPress Blog (don’t click on the About Me page on her Gravatar (see link below) because it’s broken). From there you can discover:

  • What she looks like (although there’s a better picture on her Gravatar)
  • The things she blogs about
  • The places she has roots and branches in
  • Her favourite musicians, books, TV shows, movies and interests
  • The social media platforms she uses
  • Her contact details and
  • How insanely popular she is (642 likes and 386 comments and rising on this page alone).

This is a girl/woman who likes to put herself about. And I mean that in the best possible way. And I think that I just found out why: it’s her job! (possibly, maybe probably)

I started to look on the links at the top of her blog page and came across one called Want to Collaborate with Life’s Fine Whine? (lifesfinewhine.com is her blog’s URL and it’s a pun Pooja's Bannernot a misspelling) When I clicked on it I found out that she sells her considerable talents for money! I’ll let you read for yourself what she can do for you but with over 8,000 (this needs updating considering what I say down below) followers, it’s likely that you’ve already met her.

When you get into her posts, her resemblance to a business mogul is even more pronounced. The latest post (as of Oct 15 2019) is called How Much Money Can You Make Blogging In 2019 & How To Make More? I automatically clicked on the Like button, because who doesn’t want to know about that sh..tuff, right?

Couldn’t resist looking at the second post (Quotes About Mental Health) and I clicked the Like on that one too; there’s some sound advice there and also the opportunity to give money to the author using a variety of credit cards. With 159 Likes on this post, even if only 10% of them gave a single dollar, that’s (counts on fingers) almost sixteen dollars donated. Da*n, why don’t I start doing this?!

I’m always interested in the readership claims on people’s blogs. Pooja has a little banner on her right hand column that says Join 13,548 other followers. Impressive, right? But how many followers does she really have? *smiles sneakily*

To find out, I fired up my own WordPress site then clicked on Reader at the top. Then I typed ‘lifesfinewhine’ into the search bar, looked for her blog on the right of the screen, clicked on it and the blog opened a list of her posts within the Reader. At the top right of that page is the number of followers that WordPress thinks she has, which in this case is 11,463.

I’m not sure why there’s a difference, but there generally is. Still, that’s a healthy following compared to my own desultory 1,164. And no, I don’t mean that I think that you are desultory; I mean that my flow of followers in slow compared to Pooja’s.

And what I really mean is well done, gurl!

So, yeah, that’s Pooja: a multitalented, polyglottal, wide-ranging force of nature who is available for your reading and viewing pleasure right now!

Click, click, click!

Dove, Glove and Shove

It’s got to be impossible to write love poetry and love songs when the only things that really rhyme with love are dove, glove and shove.

And yet they do.

Say something is impossible and someone is going to come along and prove you wrong. You just have to change the rules up a little and, bing-bang-bong, it’s done.

Gotta go; the plants need watering.

Leaving the Smoking Ruins

Finally made myself leave the house.

Told myself that it was going to be destroyed in 30 seconds with me in it if I didn’t leave.

Started the countdown.

30 ran

29 upstairs

28 to

27 get

26 my

25 coat

24 ran

23 downstairs

22 whilst

21 putting

20 my

19 coat

18 on

17 ran

16 to

15 back

14 door

13 pulled

12 left

11 boot

10 on

9 pulled

8 right

7 boot

6 on

5 grabbed

4 bag

3 put

2 alarm

1 on

0 boom!

Just managed to get out a bare microsecond before the blast ripped me apart.

It was raining and so, spotting the umbrella in the ruins by the back door, I grabbed it and put it up.

Then I locked the door and waked away.