Night-time is a Solar Eclipse

Don’t bother waiting for the moon to eclipse the sun – you can experience a Solar Eclipse within the next few hours*.

Just hang fire until night-time begins and – presto – you’re there!

Earth Sun Eclipse

*Unless you’re way, way, waaaay up in the north.


‘ … follow the breath as you expand that awareness,’ were the words I heard I joined, eight minutes late, a Mindfulness call.

This is what I became aware of in subsequent words:

  • … awareness to make better decisions …
  • … aware of that from moment to moment …
  • … aware weeks away from the appointment …
  • … aware of how it really is …
  • … awareness, try to do something about it …
  • … aware of that discomfort …
  • … aware of what is happening …
  • … awareness into all of your day …

Strikes me that even if I was do something as trivial as try to become aware of all instances of the word ‘aware’ throughout the day, it would change my consciousness.

There’s a lot that can be done with being aware of awareness.

break out of the loop

This morning I looked back at some of the things I wrote and drew fifteen years ago.

I saw a sheet of paper on which I had drawn cartoons of people’s faces. I was momentarily (more than momentarily) confused. I thought that someone had ripped a page out of my current notebook and, for some reason, had inserted that sheet into this dusty, old file.

Then I read some of the poetry I wrote back then. Straight away I could see that I am still stuck on the same themes and motifs. I haven’t moved on at all.

I’m going to dig out all the things I have written throughout my life. I expect to see that I’m still talking about the same things I was when I was twelve.

Boy, but do I need to break out of the loop that is me.

Don’t Cry

I walked in the meadow
Sun caressed my body
Like the oven set low.

I saw a stranger then
Walking towards me
Raising spores & fairies.

He beamed as he came
A bright smile of joy
The colour of noon sun.

I am a simple woman
My desires are very few
Needs met, said his eyes.

We lay in the meadow
He caressed my body
The oven became hot.

And that, sweet baby
Is how you came here
Rock a bye – don’t cry.

Public Safety Announcement

How do you feel about squirting an aerosol of faeces in your face? Not keen? I didn’t think so. Here’s a simple way to make sure that you don’t do this every day of your life (depending on how regular you are):

Put the seat down before you flush the toilet!

When you flush the loo, the powerful action of the water converts the contents of the toilet bowl into a tiny particles, much the same as an aerosol. These then shoot up into the air. And what do they find, hovering over the bowl having just pressed the flush? Yep – it’s your face, just waiting to receive them.

So, guys (’cause let’s face it, all the ladies already do this) here’s a public safety announcement: in the interests of …

Oh, you got the message. Alright then.


“To offer inappropriate disclosure concerning one’s personal life to others.” (Wiktionary)

“Experts say that oversharing is fuelled by our insecurities, the need to compensate for deficits, socially or professionally that we perceive in ourselves.” (another blog)

“If you share your mistakes in an effort to help others learn, you are being authentic. If, however, you share your hardships to gain pity, you’re oversharing.” (Forbes)

Guys – you need to stop peeing like a man and do it like a woman.  I have – and it’s doing wonders for my thighs, not to mention eliminating foul-smelling urine splash-back.

Have you seen those music videos where artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé do a so called slutdrop? Well, how do you think they tone and train their muscles to be able to do that? Yep – you guessed it – they squat over the john as they pee!

So there you go – follow me to rock hard leg muscles: do it like a woman!