Life by Squares – B7

Here’s a new thing – two of us wandering around York! Hey-la, my wife is back from foreign lands and so we (after much dice-wrangling) went to walk around here:


As you can see, this square almost contains York Racecourse. We once went to an Eighties event there, which featured such luminaries as Marc Almond (Soft Cell), ABC (from my hometown of Sheffield), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and Altered Images (because who could forget Clare Grogan bouncing around the stage on TOTP). It was fab!

For today, we kind of decided on five photos each, with an equal number chosen by both of us, and we almost stuck to that. Here’s the first one from me – looking across Knavesmire from the road of the same name:


As you can see, there was a bit of a sun in the sky, which was surprising considering that the temperature is due to fall well into the minus tonight. And also – some trees. Make the most of these skeletal beasts because they’re going to get good and fat soon. Leaves ahoy!

My wife, who I shall henceforth call N, principally to avoid using a pronoun (my) that makes it seem like I own her, chose the next shot. It was taken on the same road, but looking the opposite way:


N says that it makes her feel like it represents an embracing, all-encompassing love. Nice!

Perhaps you have heard of the Internet of Things, which is “the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data” (Wikipedia). Well anyways, we’re still in the barcode era in York, as this photo from the southerly end of Knavesmire Road demonstrates:


Well, that’s why I imagine that this fence has been given a ‘QR code’. Darn it – I should have scanned the code to check – silly me!

Straight after that, N spotted something in the grass:


She loved that way that the colours contrasted with the grass. And maybe because it was lonely. Personally, I think it’s because one of her friends collects feathers and so N looks out for them for her.

Walking along Knavesmire Cresent, looking at the dinky front yards of the row of terraced houses, I spotted a cute rabbit, or maybe a big-eared mouse – I wasn’t really sure at first. As I was taking the photo I could hear N saying ‘oh, no!’ but I did it anyway. Here’s the result:


Cute, huh!

Nothing like a bit of blue sky, some gorgeous green grass and a smattering of perspective to change the subject. Here’s N’s choice for our next snap:


Had to do a bit of straightening up on that photo to get the tree to stand upright and stop the horizon from tilting, but I think it came out alright – what do you reckon?

The subject of the next photo is too small to be a coal-hole and too big for the mice to have built it, but one of these is a feature of every house on Curzon Terrace:


I have not the faintest idea what this is, but me likes it! Something to do with angels and horseshoes, maybe?

A lovely example, on Albemarle Road, of the kind of shiny foliage (holly leaves are another) that lasts all year round:


Isn’t that just lush!

And look at this for a great example of resilience, determination and tenacity from further up the same street:


Some may call that a weed, but we call it nature at her best.

And to finish off, I snapped me another piece of wall from up on Ovington Terrace:


I took it from an angle to try to give some idea of the three-dimensional (3D) nature of the marvellous texture there. Not sure if a 2D photo really does it justice. We’ll probably have to wait for 3D photography for that. Any boffins out there?

And that’s it for today – thanks for reading. Loves – R & N:




I can’t talk about people close to me just in case they find out what I think about them.

Now isn’t that a startling statement!

Why wouldn’t I want to open up my heart to the people around me? I mean, I find it easy to say all sorts of things on a public forum so why not to neighbours?

Oh, wait – I got it. There’s a big difference between talking about myself and talking about other people. I’m not scared to tall you about me, I’m scared to tell you what I think about you.

Why? Well maybe because I don’t like everything about everyone. There are some kinds of things I dislike about people and even some kinds of people that I downright don’t like at all.

Don’t worry, you’re not one of those people. I like you simply for the fact that you’ve read as far as this. If you haven’t read this far then I probably don’t like you. But that’s okay, because you’ll never find out.

Unless someone tells you.


But really – what’s wrong with me telling someone that I don’t like something about them? I think it’s because I care what people think about me.


Let me have a think about that …



No, it’s not quite that. It’s more related to fear and power.

Explain? Okay, let me try. When I have power over someone then I don’t care what I say about them. If they have power over me then I care what I say because if I say something bad and hurt them then they have the power to hurt me back. And I don’t want to be hurt. I’m afraid of being hurt and so I try to be nice.

Oh my gosh, I never realise that I was so screwed up!

And I don’t even want to think about what constitutes power and I why I would want to be unkind to people I think I have power over. Arghh!

Good News for You

Feeling older than I should feel today. I think that most of that is to do with all the pretty young things I come across here on WordPress. That said, there are plenty of wonderful older people here too. And they have good things to share. We all have good things to say.

In fact – all the good news I read on WordPress makes me think that I should stop listening to the BBC altogether. There’s so much bad news there! People dying left, right and centre – pah!

Where’s the news report that says ‘Seven Point Six Billion People Live Through Night – Queen Throws Party to Celebrate’?

Note to self: petition MP for PM to declare a national holiday for every day that more than 99.99999999% of the population survive.


Not a Baywatch Moment

So, I’m wearing a jumper I got the Christmas before last. I spotted it at the back of the closet and so I pulled it out, shook it straight and thought to myself ‘that’s nice’ … as you do.

I knew it was from the Christmas before last (rather than this Christmas) because it still had the label on it. No, not the one that said ‘Merry Xmas 2017’, but the one the shop put on that said ‘Summer Range 2015’ and that might as well have said ‘On Sale Boxing Day 2016 Because No-one Wanted to Buy It’.

It fits me perfectly. I’ve been doing sit-ups and push-ups, you see. Working on my beach-body, y’know? Nothing worse than running down the beach in that Baywatch kinda way and having all the wrong things wobbling in all the wrong places. Not that I’m going to be wearing this jumper on the beach, you understand!

Ha – just realised I’ve gotten off-topic. When I start having to explain things, I know I’ve slipped away from my original subject. Actually, I’m having to explain myself pretty much all the time in my life. Maybe that’s a learning point for me.

Anyway, the jumper’s nice. Keeps me warm when the temperature dips … like it’s doing now here in the UK. Thank you Russia for those icy-cold winds! Merry Christmas to you too.

Hitting the Spot

Why can’t people pee straight!

There’s a loo next to the office I work in where it’s obvious that people are standing in the wrong place and as a consequence are peeing on the floor. There’s always a puddle in a certain place.

I drew a diagram of where to stand when using a toilet. I was thinking of sticking it up in the loo. Here it is:

Pee Spot

What do think – stick it up or not?

Sticky Keys

There’s orange juice on my keyboard. Oh, don’t worry – not a lot. It’s not like I’ve spilt a whole carton of Tropicana (with juicy bits) between the lettered keys.

It happened yesterday. I was peeling an Satsuma – the one that I balanced on my eye in fact – and it squirted.

And it looked lovely.

Sometime, but not very often, when the sun shines in a particular way and I am presented with something nice to eat and my mouth is open in the right way – a stream of saliva will squirt from my mouth and escape into the world.

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has then you will know the kind of beauty I’m speaking of. My Satsuma squirted in that same way. And beauteous it was whilst in the air. However …

Then the juice landed.

And although I tried to wipe it from the keyboard and keys straight away,
some of it is still there today.
And although it looked beauteous yesterday,
I need it not to stay.

Someone give me a wet-wipe!

Pretty Young Shiny Things

Those bright, young things that shine and shimmer with perfume and pizzazz.
They heap their flowing compliments upon the world in an effusive gush.
They flower and prose with perfect hair and smiles that shower glee.
They pout and pose their youth for all to see.

And I sit here thinking to myself that maybe I can’t show that kind of life.
I stutter and pause when the keyboard keys leap up at me with plod and twee.
I grumble and gree to see the tree of forgetful thought and seldom plaus(ible).
I mash my words against twisted tongue and gum.

They and I are of a piece.
They don’t always wise.
I don’t always wild.
Between us we are gravity and sun.
From one to the next we anchor and bask.

We bright wild brains so old and vain with flight of plain speech try
To pull the one from the other side without seeming to fall in-between.
We old wise minds so young and free with shiny words of precious glee
Drag guards across our seldom met and do it anyway.