Thought Power

Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve been in two minds about the nature of the world. These are my two points of view:

  1. There are angels in the architecture and monsters under the bed. Thoughts have power and we can accomplish great things simply by thinking them into being.
  2. This is a mundane world with no magic in it whatsoever. If my thoughts are to have power and achieve something in the world it has to be by means of physical intermediaries – either words or actions.

As you can see – these are quite different world views with quite dissimilar implications for the people holding them. I imagine that I used to be more in the first group when I was younger, but increasingly – I find myself in the second camp.

Does this mean that I am changing as a person? You would think so, yet I haven’t really noticed the difference. Maybe this is because I tend to live inside my own head more than I do in the world. But then, thinking about it – that’s probably true for all of us, despite objections to the contrary. We may use objects in the world, but often they are merely portals to another dimension – an inner world.

Take, for example, a simple book. When we see it on the shelf, we are in the outer world, and yet as soon as we read the words inside, we begin to be transported to that inner realm. Traffic noises fade away. That yapping dog no longer seems to annoy us. The ambulance siren signifies nothing more than a fly passing lazily by on hot summer day. We have left the world.

And this, I think, is where the magic lies. It may well be that transforming spells and the wands used to issue them do not exist in reality but nonetheless, we are transformed and transported to some other place and time by the experience of reading a book.

And this is just one example. Think of the last time you had a really great conversation with a friend. Perhaps you opened a glass of wine or maybe you just sat on the side of a hill and let the world fade away under the onslaught of a conversation that gripped and enthralled you until finally, you realised that the sun was setting and the day was done – all without your conscious awareness.

And there is much more. Driving along, listening to your favourite music – the journey seeming to last no time at all. Cooking a meal with your partner and, in the blink of an eye, finding that the food is on the plate and you are tucking in to a gourmet feast (and yes, it may only be pizza and chips to the outside world, but to you – it’s an act of love). These example of everyday magic are everywhere.

So maybe I’m wrong – maybe to imagine that there are two varieties of world is incorrect. Perhaps there’s just one world and it contains both the mundane and the magic. It seems to me that it’s entirely possible that I can enjoy my angels (and battle with my monsters) whilst in the comfort of my own bedroom. And that all it actually takes is a little imagination and the willingness to let it be.



About Toothpaste and Teeth

Okay, I’ll warn you up-front – there’s nothing worth reading here.

No mind-expanding, drug-fuelled tales of life on the open road featuring wild sex with willing (and inexpressibly beautiful (not to mention juicy)) partners.

Nope, there’s nothing like that.

Nor are there tales of derring-do in the stock-market where men in expensive suits wage war against the forces of corrupt government officials and mafia bosses with too much time on their scarred, but still strong, hands.

You won’t even find … gah, enough of all these don’ts – this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to describe how I brush my teeth.

  1. I collect myself a book. At the moment it’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne, which is a wonderful book if you like digressions (which I do (mostly)).
  2. I open the toothpaste. I’ve, of course, skipped the walk to the bathroom, the putting down of the book and the picking up of the toothpaste tube, because that would be just too droll. But I will tell you that I don’t tighten the cap on the tube because it makes it that much easier to take off when I next come to it. However, do remind me to tighten it when I take the tube on holiday (as opposed to taking my wife (or, more often, my wife taking me (on holiday, that is. Do behave!))) because otherwise I will inevitably (and (initially) inexplicably) find a white worm nestled in my overnight kit!
  3. I pick up the overly interesting (because it has a rubber piece in-between the bristles (what for, I can not imagine (unless for making my teeth feel decidedly perverse))) toothbrush.
  4. I squeeze a pea sized (albeit tiny (albino) slug shaped) portion of toothpaste onto my brush.
  5. I pick up my book in my left hand and (having completed the (very important) additional step of inserting the business end of the toothbrush into my mouth) commence brushing. The book is there (in part) to time myself. My wife has an electronic brush that starts, pauses, starts again and then stops to tell here when to brush, change sides and brush again, but I have a book. Generally, I read at the rate of a page a minute so this this means that when I have reached the end of the second page, I know when to stop. Except that the book I’m reading now was written some three hundred years (or so) ago and has many (as I alluded to before) diversions and digressions (not to mention a glossary of difficult words in the back (necessitating the use of two bookmarks (or should I say, to be more exact) two pieces of folded paper from the library (the kind they write your name on and rubber-band to the book before inserting it (the book) on the to-collect shelf to let you know the this is the book you came to collect)) all of which almost always ensures that the foamy nature of my current toothpaste (Sensodyne Gentle Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste 75ml) has (more than enough) time to leak out of my mouth and down my arm (the one holding the brush) making the next (but one two) two steps wholly necessary.
  6. I brush my tongue. Don’t make me explain this.
  7. I spit the remaining foam into the sink with a satisfying floosh.
  8. I rinse the foamy toothpaste from my face (and mouth). Yeah, I know – don’t even bother telling me about the similarity to rabies-ridden creatures.
  9. I rinse the foamy toothpaste from my forearm. As an aside (and a minor point of pride) the foamy mess has never reached down as far as my elbow. Small things – yes, I know; welcome to my life.
  10. I rinse the whole mess down the sink and pop the toothbrush back in the glass hanging on the wall by the side of the bathroom cabinet that is set too low on the wall (and yes, I’d complain to whoever installed it, but (as you might have already guessed) it was me). Job done.

And if you managed to reach thus far – well done. Now go and do something more useful, like ironing the bed sheets.

Do make sure that you’re not in the bed before you do so.


Who’s got some Bitcoin?

I was thinking about transferring some physical wealth into digital wealth and wondered who else had done this.

At the moment 1 Bitcoin equals 8514.59 British Pounds.

Random seeming thoughts, but they do have a purpose.

So, yeah – this is a poll. Market survey and all of that.

Five Minutes

Five minutes to think of something interesting to say, write it up, tag it and then post it to the world.

Five minutes think about poking a little finger in my ear in an attempt to squash the itch that’s living inside.

Five minutes to sift through the thoughts in my mind in an attempt to find a jewel, a gem or at least a small semi-precious stone.

Five minutes to ignore the phone that’s beeping to let me know that I have an appointment to attend and that I should be shutting down the PC.

Fine minutes to write five lines about five minutes that have gone by without me saying a single, darn thing about anything at all to …

Wait – I know what I can write! I just had this brilliant idea! It’s about the …

Damn. Time’s up.

In Defence of Clutter

What do the following have in common: dead batteries, crystals, a bear, a Japanese gardens, funky flowers, water and a rubber?

Give in?

Well, they are all items on my desk. Looking around this space I have to admit that it could possibly maybe do with a little tidying up. In fact, not just my desk. Sometimes it seems that my whole life is filled with such clutter. Am I in need of a spring clean?

Just consider all the thoughts that flutter through my mind at every second of the day – unbidden and, for the most, irrelevant to my life. Should my cleaning start here – with the shelves and cupboards of my brain?

I can think of at least two reasons why this could not be a good idea:

  1. I use these ephemeral objects for my writing and would miss them sorely if they were to be tidied away into a box and stuck in the garage
  2. I think that the conscious effort to remove thoughts can lead to them absenting themselves from our minds in all sorts of unexpected ways and that this kind of interfering can lead to senility and other conditions like that.

For these two reasons alone, I think I’ll let my thoughts (and the objects on my desk) stay exactly where they are. After all, what would have I have written about if they had not been there to prompt me? Aliens using our bodies to live life vicariously? Pshaw!

So, I’m going to let them be for now.

Apart from maybe the rubber. That should be in the drawer.

Oh, and maybe the dead batteries. They need recycling.

Here’s the bear:


Cute, huh!

Hold Tight

if you feel that you are losing your mind


when the dark clouds gather around you


if your breath becomes tight and panicky


when people avoid you when you arrive


even if you don’t get your favourite food


because your time is coming

the universe loves you with all its might

if you could see yourself how you actually are

you would dance naked on the beach with the joy of it all

Don’t You Love Me No More!

Just had a disturbing notification on this blog. I’ve just been informed that Your Online Pal is my 800th follower on this blog.

Yeah, yeah – I know that this should be good news, but the thing is – I got a similar notification yesterday, which told me that Vijay Prajapati was my 800th follower. A quick check tells me that Vijay is still following me, so that means that someone has unfollowed me!

Imagine that!!

Who was it? It can’t be any of you lot reading this because you’re still following me (as far as I know) so it must be … someone else.

Well, whoever it is – I’m distoibed. I’m outraged. What did I do to deserve that?! I’ve always tried to be good. I write interesting posts and … Oh, wait – was it the post about us all being aliens from the planet kskreelsh that did it!

Hmm …