I’m Sure

There is a point to it all.

Don’t let anyone or anything tell you anything different.

Fight for the meaning in your life.
Fight for purpose.
Fight for you.

You will win.
We will all win.

I’m sure.

Aishwarya Shah

Just been reading a blog by Aishwarya Shah She intrigues me because as well as being a mechanical engineer, Ms Shah is also a very creative spirit, which, to my mind, is a rare and valuable combination. Her blog is full of poetry, prose, art and a great sense of the joy she seems to have for living. I have the pure aspiration to be more like her.

Also, she has really nice handwriting.

Aishwarya Shah's Handwriting

See what I mean?

(I can’t seem to be able to post comments on her blog (my settings no doubt). Hence this.)

Everything has Consequences

You need to know this: everything you do has consequences.

Everything has Consequences.jpg

Take this for example:

  1. There’s a virus loose in the world
  2. We got locked down and shut into the house
  3. Tempers frayed (as they do)
  4. Aside from that, I started to put on a bit of weight due to not walking my usual 10,000 steps per day and not cutting out enough food from my diet to account for that
  5. I decided to do push-ups and sit-ups so that I don’t have to cut down on food intake (because I love eating – who doesn’t!)
  6. I decided that it might be wise to do some spiritual exercise too, so as many push-up/sit-ups I do I’ll spend that many minutes in God-focused meditation too
  7. I did 10 sit-up and 10 push-ups then 10 minutes of communing with God
  8. God said (not in words – I’m not that crazy) that I should forgive stuff that I’m holding grudges about and love the people around me more
  9. I started with the obvious candidate (always the wife/husband/partner/spouse, right?) and did a bit of loving and forgiving (not too much – wouldn’t do to get carried away, right?)
  10. I feel lighter in so many ways.

So there you have it – due to a virus I got heavier and then lighter. Which means, I guess, that everything is much the same as before.


One of these days I’ll think of something interesting to tell you, but until then – thanks for reading.

We get on Fine

We get on fine, so long as we have no desire to do other than what the other wants. As long as we don’t clash about things like lacks and shortages and vagaries like that. We sit like Buddha and go beyond the desire to have more than what we have now. We slip away from the ache for extras because, who knows, they could slide away from us at any time, without any notice; stolen by the breeze of life.

We get on fine, as long as we don’t talk to each other about longing. As long as we don’t long for other than what we have. As long as the day is long, we are happy together. We just flow and flow and flow with the energy of what is and the river is happy for us to flow downstream with it. The river is happy and we are happy and there’s nothing to worry about right now. Nothing in these words should be taken as meaning otherwise.

We get on fine, as long as we forgive all trespasses.  We excuse each other as we sit at opposite ends of the table, each with our own pots of salt and pepper. Nothing to pass and so nothing to say because everything has been forgiven and forgotten. Memories of past sins don’t sit on our faces. We don’t argue, we don’t fight, we don’t glare or grimace because we have forgiven it all.

We get on fine, so long as we stay quiet. So long as peace is upon our lips and lives. So long as we don’t deign to ask for anything that might rip the peace right off of our skin like a plaster from a sore. We spread the ointment, cover the wounds, smile with our mouths and gaze around the room like we have a thousand times before as if we expect a door to open and transport us elsewhere. Anywhere. Now.

Yeah, we get on fine.

I Spoil Things

F#%K is the sound of
me spoiling the purity
of the English language.

I sully the white
of the space
on the page.

I cough some loose desire.
Hoick it into my dirty mouth.
And spit it on your chaste face.

By being.
By living here.
By moving around.
I spoil things.

Time Flowing and Flowering

The Flowering of Time

I’m thinking of time and whether it makes a difference which direction it flows.

Time seems to flow forwards so that things lose energy and orderliness.

If time flowed backwards then things would get more coherent and energy would increase.

Which of these is better?

Flowers bloom and then wither and die. We then throw them away (or, at best, recycle them). If time flowed backwards then we would take the decomposed matter from the recycle bin, attach it to a plant stem (or put it in a vase) and then watch as the flowers become increasingly healthy and vigorous until they reach a state of beauty. Then, the blossoms would shrink back into buds, their stems, would shorten and retreat into bulbs or seeds, which would then go back to wherever they came from. Sounds like an eminently sensible thing to do, doesn’t it?

People decay and die when time runs forward. Imagine how nice it would be to experience them growing fresher and more beautiful as time moves on (aka backwards).

We tend to think of food as providing nutrition, but does it really? Strikes me that there’s a great amount of toxicity in the things we put in our body. Also, a great many things we do to the mind and body are harmful. Imagine taking away these poisons and leaving a more healthy being. This is what time flowing backwards would do. The result: health, youth and invigoration.

Of course, we can’t reverse the flow of time, but thinking about it can teach us valuable lessons.

It’s worth thinking about the effects (decay and death) of what we put into our bodies and minds. What about a daily dose of positive thinking? How about healthy and nutritious food. Why not hang out with good people. Who’s to say that we can’t improve by taking better care of ourselves?

Anyways, there you go. Not trying to moralise nor nothing. They’re just my thoughts as I was thinking about time. What do you reckon? Would you like to turn back time? And what would happen if we could?