Not a Robot

Not a Robot 3

What, More Books?!

Just ’cause I can’t read today doesn’t mean that I can’t buy books, right?

Picked up all three of Guillermo and Chuck’s trilogy for a bargain £1.50 (for the set!) and the first two of Colin’s pentillogy (is that a word?) for only a quid. Happy days.

A Trial!

I am about to embark on a terrible journey, one that is perilous and fraught with danger. I am about to spend 24 hours without reading a book!!

Yes, my friends, I have finished my quota for the year (108 books) and so will have to spend a whole day in the land of turkey. Cold turkey!

Please say a little prayer for me as you go about your literature-rich day. Remember me: alone, huddled in a corner with empty hands and an idle mind. Think of me and pity my dry husk of a day.

Roll on 2020!