i don’t care when you walk away from me because i haver plety to do here without you in fact theres so much to do that sometimes i even wish you went here when you are here itd be better if you wasnt here most of the time because there is so much to do you are superfluous to me and my li9fe is easier without you and when you dont cqll then its even better because thea frees up even more time for me and the things that i want to do lots and lots of time there was never naything called we becasue it was always me in my head and you trying to get in my heaqd and you just cant do that because there is only rooom for one person per head so theres no point in trying to get into mine even though you say tghat you just want to understand but even if you had loads and loads of information about me from me answering your endless questions then you still wouldnt ever be able to understand because noone cvan understqand anyone ever period i dont even undedrstand myself and so why would you have a better chance of understanding me than me evne if you had lots of qualifications from the university in counselling or pshychology or psychotherapy then you xsstill woulndt be qble to understand so dont even bother trying well you wont try now will you becaquse youre not here when someone leaves someone for exampkle in the middle of the street then they will just stand there ofr a while waiting for yu to trun back and see that you are sjust standing there like a dog dogs are vey faithful and loyal but im not that kind of a dog in fact im not a dog at all because im not going to be faithful to you and you wont hav anyone to lick your hand anymore i know that you didnt like it when i licked you but even if you moss it now becasue it is poart and parcel of what i am the4n it wouldnt make any difference anyway because here i am tyoppint this with my eyes closed on a typewriter keyubnopard on a comp-puter and theres nothing you can dio anout it and nothing i can do either and so i might as we;ll stop here.


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