May Day

I imagine that good advice for a blog would be to never write a post unless you have something important to say. That said, rules were made to be broken, right?

I gave up my phone yesterday. I realised that I was too addicted to the league tables and streaks embedded in certain apps and so I went cold turkey. A few days away from that small screen should see me lose my 900+ consecutive days on Duolingo (if you miss just a couple of days they kinda let you get away with it by giving you a streak freeze). Similarly, other apps are … anyway, forget all that. I’m over the.

One of my eyelids is a little lazier than the other. You can see it in the photo I just took. I first noticed this when I was a teenager but it never bothers me. I guess if it had gotten any lazier then it would have closed my eye by now. So, yeah, there’s that.

It’s May Day today, which is … actually, I’ve no idea what May Day is. I know that it falls on the first of May and that it’s a Bank Holiday and so we get a day off work, but apart from that; not a clue! What I do know, though is that I’m not May Day; I’m Robert Day. Pleased to meetcha!


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