Thoughts – Recreation in Nine Conversations

Here are a few more thoughts on a novel I’m planning out called Recreation in Nine Conversations (RiNC):

Just a quick note first: it’s been suggested that I call this novel ‘Children of God’ but a quick internet search tells me that this name has already been taken and the connotations of that phrase have been rather sullied by what went on, so let’s not go there.

Anyways, there will be four types of people in this novel (as laid out in my previous post):

  1. Deadbeats
  2. Learning
  3. Learned
  4. Unconscious.

The above words don’t really describe the states very well, but I’ll get into that as I get going. So long as I have it straight in my head (and I do) then I reckon it’ll turn out okay. Yeah, I know that I’m too guarded about my thoughts and aims when I write novels, but you got to have a little mystery in life, right?

So, yeah, there are nine conversations, which is to say nine chapters in the story (see previous post). Each chapter is going to feature one or more of the four types of people in varying stages of development (Stage 1 (S1), Stage 2 (S2) etc.). Let’s go through them:

  1. Deadbeat S1 vs Learning S1
  2. Learning S2 vs Learning S1
  3. Deadbeat S2 vs Learned S1
  4. Learned S1 -> Learned S2
  5. Deadbeat S2 -> Deadbeat S3
  6. Learning S2 to Learning S2 leaving Deadbeat S3
  7. Learning S3 to Learning S3
  8. Learned S3 to Learned S3
  9. Unconscious to Unconscious.

As you can see, over the nine chapters we have Deadbeats devolving (as they do) from S1 to S3, Learning evolving from S1 to S3, Learned evolving from S1 to S3 and Unconscious being beings (no evolution necessary), which pretty much, over those nine conversations, covers every single stage and shift of state that needs to happen. This really is a marvel of concise plotting.

Now all I need to do is write it. 🐸 I’ll flesh out the characters as I write about them. Don’t worry, they’re all straight in my head.


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