If all the good, faithful, hopeful, peaceful people leave a place then who will uphold the moral integrity there? If we abandon our homes then what choice does evil have but to move in?

Just a thought.
I have thoughts all the time.
I’ve been trying to stop them for a good while now.
They keep coming regardless.
Thoughts; gah!

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7 thoughts on “Refugee

    • If an armed force came to our neighbourhood and started to harass the residents here then our first recourse would be to law enforcement officers. If the law enforcers were proved to be weaker than the aggressors then I’m not sure what I would do. If there was a safer place, like friends or family in another neighbourhood then I would perhaps move there temporarily. If the aggressors were more widespread then I’d have to move further but still within a circle of friends and family. If the law enforcement officers were instead the aggressors then where would I turn. Much the same, I think. What would it take for me to flee for my life in the company of strangers towards further strangers who do not want my company? Not sure. My logic breaks down in the face of lack of knowledge and experience.

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      • I think leaving one’s home country too flee aggression is the hardest decision possible. People in Affected, or Muslims in Israel, or innocent citizens in Ukraine all are forced to leave their homeland because of aggression of ruling forces or invaders.

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        • I imagine that many people where you live have memory of what happened at the time of the creation of the two independant dominions of India and Pakistan. The displacement of people at that time can’t have been easy.

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          • Yes, my grandparents generation were the grown ups while my parents were students at the time. Most of them have passed away but have left painful stories behind.


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