Making a Practical Impact on the World using Creativity

The following is a creative method of finding out what kind of person you are in terms of your attitude to the world and what you are willing to do practically in order to make it into a better place for us to live.

Which of these pictures appeals to you the most (this will give an indication of how you’re set up within yourself)?

If you chose the cosy bedroom then this is what you want to save. You like to be by yourself and prefer to remain in your own comfort zone. The kind of world you like is one where people mind their own bees-knees and let you do the same. You are a homebody and that suits you just fine.

If you chose the beautiful garden then your horizons extend a little further but remain firmly within your own hearth, home and garden. You’re the type of person who likes to grow your own vegetables and flowers and will have green fingers as well as green aspirations.

If you chose the pristine countryside then your green efforts extend to saving not just the place where you live but the whole area you live in – up to and including your country. You feel that you are part of a wide community and want to help them to thrive with your green wizardry.

If you chose the image of the healthy planet then you have no less an aspiration than to save the world and everything in it. You love the seas and the land and will stop at nothing to preserve them for the enjoyment of all peoples. You have a loving heart that embraces everything and everyone.

Now, which of these scenes inspires you the most (this will tell you why you want to effect a green revolution in the world)?

If you felt inspired by the scene from golden age then the reason why you are advocating a green lifestyle is because you feel that it will bring about nothing less than a complete transformation of the world into a new eden where we can all live together in beautiful and fulfilling harmony.

If the picture of the different generations coming together in harmony caught your eye then you are the kind of person for whom family is supremely important. You want to make the world better not just for yourself but for future generations. Love of family lives in your heart.

If the picture of the happy elephants is your choice then you are driven by a strong desire to do the right thing. You have a solid moral compass and your entire focus is on following your heart into projects that will not only affect change, but will do so for the right reason. You are hearty and strong.

If the picture of that castle pulled you towards it then you are someone whose first focus is making yourself strong. Once you know that you are safe and you have a method of making others safe then you will reach out and teach that to anyone passing by. You have a solid core of goodness.

And finally, which of these images captures your imagination most strongly (this will give an indication of what you’re willing to do to save the planet)?

If the Rainbow Warrior grabbed your attention then you are the kind of person who has physical energy to spare and you want to use it to fight iniquity and vice in any and every corner of the planet. You want to head off the bad guys with your strength and practical actions.

If you chose the picture of the productive allotment for your inspiration then you want to get your fingers into the earth and invigorate it with good, honest toil. You might not want to take the battle to the world, but you do want to transform your part of it and reap, then eat the fruit of it.

If your interest was piqued by the picture of the meditators then you are a person who knows that it’s good thoughts and pure feelings that will bring about the biggest and longest-lasting change in the world. You will reach out to the ultimate source and channel that love and light into the world.

If your eyes rested on the picture of the happy debater then you want to use your words to work magic in the world. You want to get onto the stage and use your persuasive arguments to bring about change. You want to tell everyone about why green values matters and what can be done with them.

So, now that you know, through this creative process, what kind of person you are, why you want to save the world, and what kinds of things you are willing to do to put this into practical effect, you just need to do one thing: make yourself a nice cup of tea and mull it all over.

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