Magazines To Write For

The following is a list of magazines based in and around York that have articles written by people like me – writers. Being lazy (sometimes) I took the easy option: I searched Google using the phrase York UK magazines. I remember doing this a while back and not getting as many promising hits so either Google has improved or my search phrase usage has. Either way, here’s the list:

  1. Local Link is the top result. I know this as a free magazine chock full of adverts that drops through the door every month. They have a website at I sometimes look to see if the content is the stuff that I’d like to write, but it mostly isn’t. They seem to have a large team already who write articles that are mostly thinly-disguised adverts.
  2. Living Magazine is a glossy magazine with, what look like, high production values. They have several regional editions with one called Yorkshire Living – Yorkshire & Harrogate edition. The website is I’ll have to look in the shops and see if I can snag a copy. Don’t know whether it costs money or is complimentary.
  3. City of York Council is a link that I initially skipped but I’m glad I checked back because they have a free newspaper called Our City and a newletter called Open Door. There are links to both on the main site: When I check the Our City link out I see that I read this when it came through the door. Informative but it looks like they don’t need writers.
  4. York Independent Life is a magazine that could be just online (although the bumph on Google said online and in print). Either way, they have a website at I can see that they have articles about local businesses all written by Georgia Suggitt or Independent Life. Worth a look.
  5. On Magazine, at looks very promising. Lots of content (but not much evidence of a readership) on their site. And look what else they say: ‘At On: Magazine we accept well written articles that are of value to our readers within our lifestyle categories. Email for details.’ Isn’t that exciting!
  6. Handy Mag have both a print edition that is distributed to two areas: Rydale and York) and an online version at The blurb says ‘featuring news and features on our local area’ and the magazine itself is heavy on the adverts but it looks like it has some nice articles too. One to look into, I feel.
  7. York Mix looks very promising. Not just a magazine and news site but also a radio station! The main site is and it is chock-full of all sorts of goodness. They are based in the Shambles, which is in the middle of York and I want to contact them now because the site looks so jolly and all-inclusive!
  8. York Press are a fully-fledged newspaper that probably relies of journalists to supply their content. I don’t want to be a journalist (not very much). I mean, sure, the allure of it all allures me, but it all seems too high-pressured for the likes of me. The site is full of stuff and is at I do and I don’t, so I probably won’t. One for later.
  9. Yorkshire Life rounds out the first page of search results on Google and this one is a bit too glossy and quality for my taste. Check them out at but don’t expect me to be writing for them any time soon. That said, it’s a good one to include on a list like this because one should never say never (whoops).

So that rounds out the top ten (yes, I know I only have nine here, but one of the search results was a magazine reader offered by York Explore (our library system here in York) and so I left it out).

A lot of exciting opportunities here for hardworking writers like I’m not. I’ll leave this scene alone for now and stick with my blog, but if I stop working full time then I’ll get back to it.

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